Mountain bike trails in North East England are notorious for being plentiful and extremely various. There are so many types of trails that your thirst for mountain biking will never be quenched. From green-grade trails to black runs, you can find just the ride you’re looking for in the stunning North East of England area.

The North East mountain bike scene is a great place to get out and about on your bike. You can get smooth rides and big adrenalin rushes from the varieties of trails available. Choose trails from easy, moderate, difficult, and severe. Green is for easy and is suitable for beginners and novice cyclists. Blue is for moderate and is suitable for intermediate cyclists and mountain bikers with some basic skills to go off-road but nothing spectacular. Red is difficult, and it’s suitable for proficient mountain bikers with excellent off-roading skills and better quality off-road mountain bikes. The nature of your bike will be a factor too. Black is severe, and it’s intended for expert, or at least experienced, riders that have physically demanding routes and is only geared for quality off-road mountain bikes.

Some example trails in this diverse area include Deadwater Trails, Castle Wood MTB Skills Loop, Cross Border Trail, Castle Hill Trail, Village Connection Trail, Lakeside Way Trail, Kielder to Calvert Trail, Humble Loop, and Kielder Water & Forest Park. These trails are some of the best in Britain. There are single track trails, stunning view trails, purpose-built trails designed to help you hone your mountain biking skills, intermediate cyclist trails, challenging routes, and those routes that require a good level of fitness.

Lakeside Trail

The Lakeside Way Trail is a 14 km trail that is easy. It is suitable for beginner and novice cyclists that have a good physical profile and have basic bike skills designed to get them through the bike route. Walkers and horse-riders also partake of the trail. The less mobile, those in pushchairs, and wheelchairs can also enjoy the trail. It’s a great mountain bike trail for beginners and families to enjoy the forest and lakeside in.

Kielder to Calvert Trail

There is also the Kielder to Calvert Trail which is 21 km and graded red for difficult. This route is quite challenging, and it runs from Kielder village to the Calvert Trust and then back again. Most people prefer the green trails to the red ones, but they’re all in the same area so they can sample them all.

Castle Wood MTB Skills Loop

There is also the Castle Wood MTB Skills Loop which was purpose-built to help you hone your mountain biking skills and become better at it than you ever thought you or others could be. These kinds of manmade trails are designed for people to really build up their endurance, speed, and patience when enjoying mountain biking. Other people prefer the Cross Border Trail which goes 48 km and has a return visit. It is graded red for difficult. This historic route starts out at the Lewisburn picnic area, and you will return on the loop on the way back.

Let us know your favourite mountain bike trail in the North East and we’ll publish it for others to read.