Wales is a beautiful country with spectacular scenery that is nestled in between England and the Atlantic Ocean and Irish Sea. Because Wales has mountains, it has particularly good riding for mountain bikers. No surprise there then.

There are several kinds of trails you can choose for mountain biking in Wales that include forest road, blue, black, green, red, and bike park for trail grade. The colours correspond to degrees of difficulty, terrain, and obstacles. Trail grade is a standard measurement applied throughout most mountain biking circles. There is distance in KM of 5-10, 10-20, 20-30, and 30+. Because some people just want a light ride and others want the most rigorous trails there are for marathons, there are several types of trails in Wales that have been cut out and apportioned for different types of riders. Some have on-site facilities and others do not. These include parking, toilets, cafes, food, drink, bikes for rental, and equipment rental. It is in your best interest to choose a trail with amenities unless you are a biker with lots of experience or have a bike club to help you in case of an emergency. Some people just want to get away and get out into nature, however. You can also choose trails in the North, Mid, and South part of Wales. Since you’ve made your selection, let’s look at the different trails in Wales.

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There is Afan Forest Park, Coed Llandegla, Coed Y Brenin, Cwmcarn, Nant yr Arian, Coed Trallwm & Elan valley.

Coed Llandegla

Coed Llandegla is the most popular mountain bike trail with mountain bikers across Wales. It is also one of my favourites, and not just because it has the best cooked breakfast in Wales. It opened in 2005 to a constant stream of mountain bikers that have been enjoying it ever since. Because it is a populous route that appeals to beginners and families, it has grabbed a large portion of mountain bikers. There are black trails for experts, and even some walking trails if you just want to take a break. The forest encloses all the trails so you can really get a feeling of getting away from it all. It covers 650 hectacres, and it’s one of the largest privately-held recreation facilities in the Northern part of Wales. UMP Tilhill owns it. It’s open until about 5:30 every day, and it has a café, visitor centre, car park, and many amenities to cater to all types of mountain bikers.


Cwmcarn is an option for Southern rides that offers a wily contouring singletrack that goes in and out of forests that will keep you focused on the trail with intermittent viewing of the Bristol Channel. They also have a year round uplift service. There are several divergent parks like a freeride park that includes jump packs, berms, and even wall rides before going into the full descent for a serious, scary, and thrilling ride that will leave you hankering to get back to the South of the Wales. If you’re up north, you can always visit Coed Llandegla, but if you’re down South, then Cwmcarn is your best best.