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Category: Electric Bikes

What are Electric Bikes and eBikes?

An electric bike looks like any other bicycle but is one with a slight modification to the drivetrain in that it has a battery operated electric motor to assist with pedalling. Electric bikes are also known as eBikes and e-bikes and come in a wide variety including electric road bikes and electric mountain bikes. Electric Bikes make it effortless for people to cover greater distances, take control of their travel and do their bit for the environment. Some models of electric bikes are capable of reaching 15 mph and provide effortless cycling, allowing you to zoom uphill and into headwinds with ease. We have a range of electric bike reviews to research the best bikes and help you to find what is the cheapest electric bike, how much is the cheapest electric bike plus some useful electric bike guides to learn more on how electric bikes can help with fitness. Additional information on Electric Scooters can be found here and a dedicated electric bike shop with a list of electric bikes under £1,000.


Electric Bikes FAQs

Electric Bikes are relatively new and people are asking some key questions. In this section we try to answer as many as possible to help you review your buying decisions and ensure you make the right choice.

How much is the cheapest electric bike and eBike?

The cheapest electric bike in the UK is currently the Hyuhome eBike [click to see our in-depth review of the Hyuhome], which at the time of the review was under £600.

What is the best Electric Bike for the money?

There are a number of brands that fall into the category of cheap electric bikes but don't fall into the trap of assuming these aren't good bikes. These are well-made bikes from established brands, such as Hyuhome, Swifty, Whirlwind and Ancheer.

Is it worth getting an electric bike?

Yes, absolutely. Electric bikes are great for assisted cycling, for older cyclists that need slight assistance uphill or over longer distances, or for cyclists looking for help when recovering from an accident or illness.

What is the best ladies electric bike?

Historically, ladies bikes tended to have a lower top bar on the bike frame, enabling ease of step-thru but this was to protect decency when ladies were wearing skirts and dresses. As bikes, including electric bikes, have become lightweight, most bike designs are unisex, suitable for men and women alike.

What are the disadvantages of electric bikes?

Whilst many electric bikes are lightweight, there is the obvious necessity of the additional weight of the battery to power the electric motor. However, many batteries are themselves quite lightweight and often use 8 Ah to 10 Ah batteries. The other slight disadvantage is the need to recharge the battery but distances are becoming longer as battery technology advances.

Can electric bikes go up hills?

Yes, most definitely. In fact, for many cyclists, this is one of the primary reasons for buying an electric bike, to assist them up hills when they need that little extra assistance.

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