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Read trusted electric motorbike reviews from the experts at Our detailed motorbike reviews will help you find the right ebike. isn't just another bike website, our aim is to provide you with a personal and honest assessment of the electric bikes we review in an informative, trustworthy, safe, reliable and inspiring way that enhances your motorcycling experience and knowledge. Whether you're a seasoned motorcyclist or just starting your biking journey, has something for everyone.


Introduction to Sur-Ron Electric Bikes

Sur-Ron bikes are electric, literally. They are a range of electric motorbikes, not to be confused with some of the other e-bikes that we’ve reviewed. These are road legal motorbikes and off-road dirt bikes that are stunning to look at and breath-taking to ride.

Motorcycle enthusiasts have been torn between the thrill of riding a powerful petrol-fuelled bike and the impact on the environment in recent years but the rapid development of the eco-bike, driven by an electric motor, have rocketed these two-wheel vehicles to popularity, and Sur-Ron are at the forefront of this growth.

Sur-Ron electric bikes are powerful beasts, built with a robust frame and eye-catching designs. They range from the road legal Light Bee L1E, the off-road Light Bee X and Light Bee S, the latter aimed at kids and youth aged 10 years and above (off-road of course) to the fully fledged off-road electric dirt bikes with double the torque, triple the power and huge bags of fun that are the Ultra Bee and Storm Bee electric bikes.

For those new to Sur-Ron bikes our Ultimate Guide to Sur-Ron (see above link) will be a great starting point, along with our dedicated Sur-Ron FAQs page and when you're ready to buy, check out our in-depth Sur-Ron Finance page.

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