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Exercise Bikes & Indoor Bike Trainers

Exercise bikes are a popular piece of home fitness equipment and one that has increased in popularity since the events of 2020. As the name suggests, exercise bikes provide a cardiovascular workout similar to riding a traditional bicycle, but without leaving your house. They come in a variety of styles to suit different users' needs and goals.

Upright bikes are the most common and resemble normal bicycles in their positioning. The rider sits in an upright position, holding onto handlebars while pedalling with their legs and feet. Upright bikes allow users to simulate outdoor cycling in a comfortable position without stress on the back or neck. They are ideal for general cardio exercise.

Recumbent bikes have a reclined seat and pedals positioned in front of the rider. The laid-back position puts less pressure on the lower back and is better suited for people with back problems. However, some find recumbent bikes require more coordination. They can provide an intense cardio workout by targeting the thighs and glutes.

Indoor bikes or spinning bikes mimic real-world cycling on an adjustable stationary bike. Spin bikes allow riders to stand up and switch positions during intense interval workouts. The seats are smaller than upright or recumbent bikes, making them less comfortable for longer rides but ideal for high-intensity spinning classes and are popular in Gyms.

Dual action bikes engage both the upper and lower body. Arm levers prompt users to involve their arms while pedalling with their legs. Dual action bikes give an all-over body workout comparable to elliptical trainers. They enhance cardio health while building strength in the arms, shoulders, and core.

Overall, exercise bikes range from upright cycles for casual riders to reclined recumbent bikes for easy long-distance sessions. More performance-focused options like spinning bikes and dual action machines take cardio to the next level. There is an exercise bike out there for every type of indoor cyclist.

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