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Balance Bikes

Are Stabilisers Preventing Your Child From Learning to Ride a Bike? Learning to ride a bike is a process that can be frightening for many children, and parents sometimes. Mastering the combination of motor skills required to...

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Scott Contessa JR Girls Bike

The Scott Contessa JR 16 Inch is a bike designed specifically for girls and it is clear from its bright pink frame that this is the case. Although it looks pretty and petite, it is not some flimsy, fragile product. On the...

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Scott Voltage JR Kids Bike

If you have a toddler who is just starting to be interested in upgrading from a basic trike to something a little more serious, then the Scott Voltage JR 12 Inch is arguably the Rolls Royce of kids’ bikes. Although its...

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Specialized Hotrock 12 Inch 2011

The Specialized Hotrock 12 Inch is a bike designed for kids who want to develop cycling skills following the early days of relying on training wheels to the time they are ready to ditch stabilisation. They will want to head out...

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Specialized Hotwalk Runner

The Specialized Hotwalk Runner is a bike for young children who are just learning the basics of riding without stabilisers. It will help them to develop the ability to balance and ride freely without them having to...

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Specialized Hotwalk Runner Girls

The Specialized Hotwalk Runner Girls is a kid’s bike designed to appeal to those who prefer metallic pink to the roguish red of the alternative model. It is a bike, which straddles the line between a full pedal-powered...

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