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Category: Motorbikes

Scooters & Mopeds

Scooters & Mopeds Scooters and mopeds sit at the softer end of the motorcycle spectrum, not designed for those who are intent on speed but rather for consumers who want style, comfort and a way to get around that is quicker...

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Can A Motorbike Replace Your Car?

With cars becoming increasingly expensive to run, insure and tax, people are starting to look once again towards motorbikes as an affordable method of transport. Motorcycles are cheaper and have an easier time in traffic, but...

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Menthogen Scalp Spray

Developers of a new sports health product aimed at those who frequently wear headgear had originally set out to create a generic product for scalp itch and irritability – their research steered them into our wonderful world of...

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Quad Bikes

Quad Bikes are a special off-road vehicle with four wheels that have a weight of less than 550 kgs. You need a special B1 license to drive a quad bike in the UK as well as the required tax fees, insurance, and registration. Quad...

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Motorbike Accessories

Anyone who’s ever purchased a motorbike knows that accessories are the most important aspect of them because a motorbike is so much about coolness that it’s scary. Hmm. The ideal rider has all the accessories that befit their...

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Motorbike Books & Magazines

Motorbike books and magazines are the key to helping you understand bikes. Motorbike books, magazines are to motorbike readers what food magazines are to chefs. They will cause bikers to salivate and dream over the pictures of...

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