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Read trusted mountain bike reviews from the experts at Our detailed mountain bike reviews will help you find the right bike. isn't just another cycling website, our aim is to provide you with a personal and honest assessment of the bikes we review in an informative, trustworthy, safe, reliable and inspiring way that enhances your cycling experience and knowledge. Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or just starting your biking journey, has something for everyone.


Types of Mountain Bikes

The world of mountain biking can serve as an exciting adventure filled with narrow paths, shifting terrains and the pure thrill of being in nature. However, navigating through the various types of mountain bikes available can seem like a herculean task for beginners. With over 50 years of cycling under my belt, I'll help you untangle this complex spiderweb, starting from learning the basics to choosing your personalised rugged beast. Let's dive into it!

Types Of Mountain Bikes

While shopping around for a suitable off-road companion, one might feel overwhelmed by the sheer variety on offer. Fear not, I'll guide you through four primary types of mountain bikes which are vital tools in our two-wheeled artillery.

Cross-Country Mountain Bikes

Aptly termed 'XC' bikes among enthusiasts, they evoke images of speed and stamina - think long-distance rides across diverse landscapes! They are inherently lightweight yet robust enough to handle climbing uphill as well as smooth descent on trails.

Trail Bikes

One cannot discuss mountain bikes without mentioning trail bikes – they're considered quintessential in our cycling lexicon. These all-rounders promise versatility amidst idyllic countryside or hilly terrain suffused with obstacles aplenty.

Enduro / All-Mountain Bikes

Conquer steep ascents and daring descents alike aboard these sturdy bikes engineered explicitly for rigours akin to Enduro event-style excursions.

Downhill Bikes

Reserved for adrenaline junkies eyeing gravity-defying escapades down specialised park routes, downhill bikes prioritise stability while descending at breakneck speeds nestled within challenging pathways.

Each bike category serves specific needs based on distinctive riding styles and track conditions; all united under the common banner of giving every cyclist out there thrilling new ways to explore landscapes, unperturbed. Consider the type of riding you will be doing most often when choosing your mountain bike; after all, it should match your unique style and spirit of adventure.

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