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Read trusted road bike reviews from the experts at Our detailed road bike reviews will help you find the right bike. isn't just another cycling website, our aim is to provide you with a personal and honest assessment of the bikes we review in an informative, trustworthy, safe, reliable and inspiring way that enhances your cycling experience and knowledge. Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or just starting your biking journey, has something for everyone.

Review: Scott Solace Road Bikes

Scott Solace Review The Scott Solace range consists of road bikes designed to be both stiff and compliant, allowing for increased comfort without compromising on speed and acceleration. Plenty of new kit has been added for 2014,...

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Types of Road Bikes

As an experienced cyclist with over 50 years in the saddle, I've had my fair share of encounters with different road bikes. Each one tells a unique story and serves its own purpose on that grand tapestry we call the open road. Whether you are a rookie cyclist discovering the joy of two wheels or an experienced rider exploring new horizons, understanding the types of road bikes is essential to optimise your ride.

Road Bikes

Let's pedal straight into it — there's more to road bikes than meets the eye. You might be surprised at just how many variations exist, from sleek racing velos to robust tourers. Each type has specific traits designed for unique experiences.

Racing Bikes

A favourite among Tour de France enthusiasts and weekend warriors alike, racing bikes are defined by their lightweight frames (often carbon), narrow tyres for speed, and drop handlebars for aerodynamic riding. Their geometry allows for powerful propulsion but may not offer much comfort during longer rides.

Endurance Bikes

Endurance bikes, also known as Sportive bikes, are crafted for long-distance rides where comfort takes precedence over speed. From slightly wider tyres to more relaxed geometry - every tiny aspect is tweaked in favour of reducing rider fatigue.

Aero Bikes

Taking a leaf out of Formula One design principles, Aero bikes have one primary focus: Speed! They deploy aerodynamically optimised shapes and components aiming to cut through air resistance like a hot knife through butter; however, this comes at cost – they weigh slightly more than other race-focused peers.

So there you have it - A brief spin around three major subdivisions within our keyword - road bikes. As you venture further down your cycling journey or simply aim to expand your knowledge - familiarising yourself with these types bolsters both your appreciation and experience on the saddle.

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