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Category: Triathlon Bikes

Scott Plasma Range Review

Scott Plasma Range Review The Scott Plasma range is made up of triathlon bikes that are designed to be as aerodynamically efficient as possible, in order to reduce drag and help serious athletes beat personal bests and win...

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Trek Speed Concept Range

Trek Speed Concept 2012 Bike Review The Trek Speed Concept range is a group of 18 triathlon bikes divided into three distinct families in order to accommodate various budgets. They are designed for triathlon riders and thus have...

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Cannondale Slice Ultegra

The 2012 Cannondale Slice Ultegra is very similiar to the 2011 model, which may not be a bad thing. The current model is so good, why change a winning formula? Ride & Handling Triathlon bikes are for those who like their...

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Scott Plasma 20 Triathlon Bike

Scott Plasma 20 Triathlon Bike Review The Scott Plasma 20 is a triathlon bike that sits at the relatively affordable end of this highly specialised range. It has all of the assets you could want from a capable triathlon bike,...

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Scott Plasma 10 Triathlon Bike

Scott Plasma 10 Triathlon Bike Review The Scott Plasma 10 represents the next step up in this formidable range of triathlon bikes, developed using aerodynamic experts and professional triathlete Normann Stadler. As such, it...

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