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Category: Cycling Accessories


Compex deals in products designed for professional cyclists and athletes as well as items which are suitable for use by those who are just looking to keep fit or speed up their progress during a training session. In short its...

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Garneau Helmets

For over 25 years, Louis Garneau has been an innovator in the world of cycling. What started in his father’s garage has grown into an internationally recognized industry leader that specializes in the design and...

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Bike Tools

Whilst the development of bikes has become far more sophisticated in recent years, there are still some basic requirements for your tool kit that have changed very little during that period. Whether you have a mountain bike or...

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Cycling Helmets

Many activities involve riding bikes. People cycle to work or to school, children and families enjoy cycling across fields and through woods as a pastime. Riding is also involved in many competitive sports. Indoor track events...

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Cycle Panniers

For carrying loads large and small on your bike there is a great selection of bags, panniers and other accessories available. Your choice of baggage will depend on what you are carrying, how you want it fitted to your bike and...

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