In the realm of mountain biking, Orbea mountain bikes are well distinguished. The company that makes them is based in a town called Mallavia in Spain’s Basque country. Orbea makes mountain bikes, road bikes, and touring bikes. As is normal for well-known and highly-regarded biking brands, Orbea has always supported and maintained close links with high-profile biking teams. Two of these teams are Euskaltel-Euskadi and Xacobeo-Galicia. Additionally, Orbea Mountain Bikes has had its own team since 2005.

The brand also sponsors an array of biking events Europe-wide and Orbea products can are often given as prizes at such events. Of the company’s current designs, a large portion are made from carbon fibre. They also manufacture several designs made from 100% aluminum, which are ever popular due to the light weight. All the publicity from event sponsorship has given Orbea Mountain Bikes a very bright future.

Orbea offers three kinds of road bikes: carbon, alloy, and dama—Orbea’s women’s line. The carbon road bikes come in seven varieties: ORCA , OPAL , ONIX TLT, ONIX TLT TRIPLE, ONIX TRV, ONIX T105, and ONIX TTG. The alloy bikes only come in two varieties: AQUA TTG and AQUA T23. There are several different damas, including DIVA, OPAL DAMA, ONIX DAMA TLT, ONIX DAMA TLT TRIPLE, ONIX DAMA T105, AQUA DAMA TTG, and AQUA DAMA T23.

Orbea also offers three kinds of mountain bikes: carbon full suspension, carbon hardtail, and alloy. The carbon full suspension models are OCCAM CARBON PRO, OCCAM CARBON TEAM, OIZ CARBON PRO, and OIZ CARBON TEAM. The hardtail models are ALMA GOLD WORLD CUP, ALMA GOLD PRO, ALMA GOLD TEAM, ALMA S10, ALMA S30, and ALMA 29 WORLD CUP. Their alloy models are even more numerous: RALLON 10, RALLON 30, RALLON 50, OCCAM ALLOY TEAM, OCCAM ALLOY RACE, LANZA 29 TEAM, and LANZA 29 RACE.

Setting itself apart from competitors, Orbea also has a small collection of multisport bikes. The Carbon Multisports: ORDU, ORA TLT, and ORA TLE; the Alloy Multisport: TRITON; and the Dama Multisport: TRITON DAMA. Orbea also offers what they call “Metro” bikes, available in two models: AQUA FLATBAR TTG and DIEM.

Orbea’s bikes are definitely top-of-line products. All of their bikes retail for over £500, the most expensive costing many times that for a made-to-order ORCA or DIVA. These bikes are for pros and those serious about racing and riding, although Orbea does make entry-level bikes.