PEdAL ED cycling clothing is simply the most beautifully designed range of cycling gear I have ever seen. Designed in Tokyo, Made in Italy.

Cycle clothing brands that aim to combine fashionable designs with technically advanced features are nothing new but the PEdAL ED brand have taken this to a new level. These are some of the most beautifully designed cycling clothing that I have ever seen and their Live collection takes the range off the bike and onto the streets, so you never stop being a cyclist even when you’re off the bike.

PEdAL ED History : Founded in Tokyo, Japan

Hideto Suzuki PEdAL ED FounderHideto Suzuki is a fashion designer, and prior to establishing PEdAL ED he was a successful designer in Tokyo, Japan.

However, he found this lifestyle to be stressful, and after seeing a cyclist pedaling through the crowded city streets, he thought that taking up cycling would help him escape from the stresses of his job, relax and even get fit.

Like all good cyclists, once bitten by the cycling bug, he went shopping for some cycling gear. He soon found that his options were pretty limited and so being a fashion designer, he created his own cycling brand, as you do!

PEdAL ED was created in Tokyo (2007) with the aim of harnessing an ethos of “balance & harmony” between cycling and it’s most essential components. Hideto uses high performance fabrics, essential to cycling throughout the four seasons, and natural colours often unseen in cycling clothing (except for black of course). Once combined, PEdAL ED delivers simple, functional and unique products which I believe are probably the most beautiful cycling clothing ever designed.

PEdAL ED : Designed in Japan, Made in Italy

PEdAL ED aim to design clothing for people who love cycling and want the most comfortable and long-lasting garments on the market. Having worn some of their products on a number of rides, I think they have absolutely hit the nail-on-the-head.

In the spirit of openness and transparency, I just want to make it clear that I have not been paid for this article and this review is therefore unencumbered by any undue influences from anyone associated with the PEdAL ED brand. It is my genuine and honest review.

Founded and initially handcrafted in Japan, PEdAL ED has grown internationally and through a new collaboration, is now Made in Italy, the heart of cycling apparel production.

The PEdAL ED experience starts even before you touch the soft layers of the exquisitely designed products. Each product arrives in it’s own designer bag, which announces itself to you in a way only the very best designers understand. I won’t spoil the experience by describing it further or showing you a photograph, but trust me when I say design is at the heart of the PEdAL ED brand.

PEdAL ED Cycling Clothing Review

POLARTEC® ALPHA® insulating fabric, made from thermo-regulating and breathable materials

PEdAL ED : Tokaido Alpha Jacket

The Tokaido Alpha Jacket is one of the premier products in the PEdAL ED range. It’s a lightweight jacket that packs a punch; breathable to keep you cool, insulating to keep you warm and thermo-regulating to manage everything inbetween.

Developed from many years experience on the roads of Europe, riders participating in the Transcontinental Race and on the trails of Kyrgyzstan with the Silk Road Mountain Race. This jacket has heritage and pedigree.

Created in collaboration with Polartec®, this PEdAL ED jacket is made of their Alpha® fabric, a material which was originally developed for the US Special Forces, as response to their need of an advanced insulating material for their combat uniforms. The Alpha disposes of an active insulation mechanism that is able to regulate core body temperatures, during both dynamic and static activities. Pretty smart technology that works well for active cyclists pushing their own boundaries.

PEdALED Tokaido Alpha Jacket

The Tokaido Jacket was tested by Joshua Rea on the roads and trails of Kyrgyzstan during the Silk Road Mountain Race, which is one of the hardest cycling challenges in the World. Conditions are tough, 4,000 meter high mountain passes and upto 40 degrees desert heat. Joshua is quoted as saying; “My focus was placed on being prepared for anykind of circumstances. A tent for shelter, a cooker for coffee and oats, music to harness the rage, podcasts to ease those lonely stretches. PEdALED were kind enough to hook me up with their new range of Polartec Alpha clothing, which was the saving grace when cold and snowstorms hit.”

Features on the Tokaido Jacket include fully reflective details, tight cuffs to prevent wind-chill, two large rear pockets and an inside pocket to pack it for adventure. It’s incredibly light to the touch and feels luxurious, with a fleece lining that oozes warmth.

Sizes range from XXS to XXL but like so many cycling brands, especially those with Italian associations, you will have to size-up. According to the PEdAL ED size chart, I am a size large but I found that I needed size XL in some products and even size XXL in others. I find this quite frustrating when buying products online and it’s the only element in this review that PEdAL ED scored low.

More information on the Tokaido Alpha Jacket can be found on the PEdAL ED website.

The following images are taken from the PEdAL ED website but they are the products worn in this review.

PEdAL ED : Tokaido Alpha Jacket
PEdAL ED Tokaido Alpha Jacket for Men
PEdAL ED : Tokaido Alpha Jacket
PEdAL ED Tokaido Alpha Jacket for Men
PEdAL ED : Tokaido Alpha Jacket
PEdAL ED Tokaido Alpha Jacket for Men
PEdAL ED : Tokaido Alpha Jacket
PEdAL ED Tokaido Alpha Jacket for Men
PEdAL ED : Tokaido Alpha Jacket
PEdAL ED Tokaido Alpha Jacket for Men

PEdAL ED : Shawa Jersey

The Shawa jersey offers cyclists the ultimate protection, waterproof & windproof with tapered seems for all-round comfort in poor conditions

The Shawa Jersey is one of the new breed of cycling jerseys, offering its own weather protection for cyclists who don’t want the full protection of a jacket.

This is a tight-fitting race-jersey (watch your sizing and consider going up a size) that fits snug, essential to protect riders in windy conditions. What makes the Shawa different is its special two-layer construction. The inner layer is made from the PEdAL ED Ultralight base layer fabric that gives it its breathability, while the outer layer keeps you dry and warm with its waterproof and windproof membrane.

PEdAL ED work alongside the JLT Condor professional cycling team and have developed the Shawa in conjunction with their pro-riders following a request for weather resistant jersey for their autumn winter training rides.

The jersey has internal taped seams to maintain the waterproof characteristics throughout the top. There is also an internal pocket should you wish somewhere to carry a phone or wallet. The design around the neck is excellent, in that it is high enough to provide protection against wet and windy conditions but without feeling restrictive or uncomfortable. There is also a wind-flap in the upper section.

There is no doubt that this is a top quality winter jersey that will defend you from the harsh weather often seen on rides in autumn and early spring. The fabric has good spring and stretch but remember, this is a race-tight jersey so don’t expect much room for those extra pounds we occasionally put on. Seems are tape-sealed, which you’d expect on a jersey of this price.

The rear pockets are small but that is in keeping with it’s race-focussed purpose. There’s plenty of space for gels, rice cakes and the foldable Tokaido Alpha Jacket but probably not much else. The tight-fitting nature of the jersey does not lend itself to carrying anything rigid in the rear pockets, like tools, so you may have to rethink your carrying construction.

More information on the Shawa Jersey can be found on the PEdAL ED website.

PEdAL ED : Shawa Jersey
PEdAL ED Shawa Jersey for Men

PEdAL ED : Merino Base Layer

Ultra lightweight merino wool baselayer with anti-bacterial properties to effectively manage unwanted odours

When it comes to base layers, there’s only one fabric that matters in winter, merino wool. Extracted from the Merino Sheep, merino wool is renowned for their exceptional properties; fantastic softness, warm and breathability.

The PEdAL ED merino base layer is designed to keep you warm and dry in every kind ride, and on our test rides they certainly achieved this, especially when combined with the Shawa jersey and the Tokaido jacket.

The soft fabric felt great against the skin and whilst the rides were pretty cold, the merino wool managed the temperature balance well, making it pretty versatile. The anti-bacterial properties worked well and managed the odours as expected from a top-of-the-range product.

The base layer fit well under the Shawa jersey and didn’t feel as though I’d bulked out too much, always a difficult balancing act when you start to layer-up on winter rides.

More information on the Merino Base Layer can be found on the PEdAL ED website.

PEdAL ED : Merino Base Layer
PEdAL ED Merino Wool Sleeveless Base Layer

PEdAL ED Cycling Clothing

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