Sur-Ron Light Bee L1E Overview

I’ve previously written a review on the Sur-Ron Light Bee L1E so check that out for my thoughts on this excellent electric road legal dirt bike. This article is solely focused on the performance of the Light Bee L1E bike, both off-road and on the road.

The Light Bee L1E is multi faceted; it’s an electric motorbike, eco-bike, dirt bike and all round fun machine! It has the ability to deliver bags of adrenaline and excitement, while also reassuring riders of its genuine eco-friendly prowess due to its electric motor. This eclectic electric bike has captured the attention of motorcyclists in urban settings and also off-road enthusiasts too.

This eclectic electric bike has captured the attention of motorcyclists in urban settings and also off-road enthusiasts too.

Like all good reviews, I’ve tried to offer a fair balance between the various features and benefits of this Light Bee L1E bike and have listed some of the pros and cons in the previously mentioned review. I will also be publishing some further insights on the Light Bee L1E performance, taking a look at the Light Bee L1E road legal compliance and providing further insight into the Light Bee L1E riding experience. Any questions you have may be answered on our Sur-Ron FAQs page and for those looking for finance options, check out our Sur-Ron Finance page for full details.

Sur-Ron Light Bee L1E Performance

Delving into the performance aspects of the Sur-Ron Light Bee L1E, it’s evident that this electric bike isn’t just about its eco-friendliness or head-turning design. It’s a true performer that has managed to carve out a niche for itself among electric two-wheel aficionados.

Motor power & torque of the Sur-Ron Light Bee L1E

The heart of the Light Bee L1E lies in its robust powertrain. Equipped with a 6kW mid-motor, this electric bike packs quite a punch when you twist the throttle. What truly matters though is not just its peak power but also how much grunt – or torque – it delivers. With a peak torque figure that sits around 250 Nm at the wheel, there’s more than enough oomph to propel you forward with enthusiasm. Whether navigating rugged trails or overtaking traffic, the instantaneous response from this motor is nothing short of exhilarating.

Acceleration & top speed of the Sur-Ron Light Bee L1E

When discussing acceleration and top speed, I find it essential to set realistic expectations. While not designed to break land-speed records, for an electric bike of its class, the Light Bee L1E doesn’t hold back. Its acceleration from a standstill to full speed feels brisk thanks to its lightweight frame combined with potent motor output. Expect to go from zero to your city cruising speed faster than many petrol scooters could manage.

The heart of the Light Bee L1E lies in its robust powertrain, a 6kW mid-motor that gives this electric bike a top speed of 45 mph.

As for top speed, it can hit up to approximately 45 miles per hour (72 kilometers per hour), which puts it squarely ahead of moped territory considering its classification. But remember, thrills come within bounds; it’s vital always to remain aware of local laws governing speed limits. You may also want to reflect on you likely riding environment, are you looking for a road bike or an electric bike that comfortably combines on road and off-road capabilities?

Battery Range & Performance for the Sur-Ron Light Bee L1E

The battery range is typically where some electric bikes might falter but not so with the Sur-Ron Light Bee L1E. Housing a substantial 60V 32Ah lithium battery tucked neatly into its svelte frame gives riders up to about 60 miles (100 kilometers) on a single charge under optimum conditions. However, like any other electric bike:

  • Your actual mileage may vary depending on riding style
  • Terrain plays a role – constant high speeds and uphill climbs will eat into your battery life quicker
  • Weight carried can affect efficiency: carrying a hefty backpack would reduce range slightly compared to riding unburdened

Now let me be straightforward – battery longevity worry? or electric battery range angst – the scourge of both electric bike riders and electric car drivers. On most days, this simply wouldn’t cross my mind as I ride out knowing full well that between home and work stretches less pavement than could drain my bike’s zealous battery cells dry. And should I wish to extend my jaunt across country lanes? A lunch stop often suffices time-wise for topping up those electrons sufficiently enough for new adventures, a convenience ushering peace of mind on longer rides.

So all things considered, the Sur-Ron Light Bee L1E is an electric motorbike that is absolutely worth considering for motorcyclists looking for the thrill of riding off-road but then seeking a legal way to ride home on the roads.

Sur-Ron Light Bee L1E Electric Motorbike

Compare Sur-Ron Electric Bikes Specifications

Sur-Ron Bike SpecificationsLight Bee L1ELight Bee XLight Bee SUltra BeeStorm Bee
Peak Power (W)6,0006,0002,90012,50022,500
Torque (Nm)250250220440520
Top Speed (mph)4545305668
Weight (kg)50504085127
Max Load (kg)10010075100100
Wheel Size (inch)19"19"17"19"21"
Wheelbase (mm)12601260125013801430
Ground Clearance (mm)270270270318310
Seat Height (mm)880880760910940
Battery60v 32Ah60v 32Ah60v 32Ah74v 55Ah90v 55Ah
Battery Charging Time (hrs)3.53.544.54
Range (km)10010065140100
Motorcycle ClassL3e-A1L3e-A1L3e-A1L3e-A2L3e-A2