Perry eHopper Bike Features

  • Super Light, Easy to Fold Electric Bike
  • UK’s Lightest Folding ebike, weighs just 14kg
  • Quick to Fold, completely folded in under 10 seconds with only 5 moves
  • Convenient, easily folds for use on trains & buses and stored in the boot of your car or in the home
  • LCD Controller, displays battery power, mode, odometer, mileage, speed, average speed

Perry eHopper Folding Electric Bike

The Perry Hopper, or eHopper, is one of the latest electric bikes to come to market. Like other eBikes, these are bicycles which have a motor and battery attached to help power the bikes, providing you with power assisted pedaling. With an electric bike, like the eHopper, you still pedal as normal but the addition of the motor means you get some assistance, which is particularly useful on hills and for those looking to build up their fitness levels. Our article on how electric bikes can help with fitness provides more info on this, as does our ultimate guide to electric bikes. Read our review on the Hyuhome Electric Bike and see the full bike specification.

The Perry eHopper is a stunning example of a quality electric bike, easy-to-fold and super lightweight.

The Perry eHopper folding electric bike is a beautiful bike, extremely lightweight at just 14 kg. Other folding electric bikes are quite considerably heavier, for example, the Raleigh Stow E-Way Folding Electric Bike is 20 kg and the Brompton M6L Electric Bike over 16 kg. The eHopper comes with the rightful claim of being the UK’s lightest electric folding bike.

Perry haven’t compromised on quality to obtain the lightweight status, this is a quality eBike, a solid frame with good components and accessories, including tough 16″ puncture proof tyres.

The eHopper can be completely folded in under 10 seconds, thanks to there being just 5 moves, making this bike one of the easiest to fold and carry. Folding bikes are ideal for cyclists looking for easy-to-carry bicycles on trains and buses or to easily store in the boot of a car, at home or in the office.

The Perry eHopper comes with a LCD controller that displays battery power, mode, odometer, mileage, speed and average speed.

Perry have fitted the eHopper with a quality front wheel drive motor that delivers 250 watts, enabling speeds up to 25 kph (15 mph). The motor itself weighs just 2.2 kg, adding to the overall lightweight status of the bike, yet delivers torque of 40Nm, making hill climbing a breeze. In addition, the built-in clutch mechanism means you won’t feel any magnetic resistance when riding without any power.

The 36V 5.2Ah rechargeable Lithium battery is discretely hidden inside the seat post and enables the eHopper to get you from A to B, where B can be up to 50 km from A, depending on riding style and conditions of course. The battery is removable, allowing you to charge it on the bike or off the bike in your home or office in under 3 hours.

Perry eHopper Folding Electric Bike Specifications

Brand: Perry
Model: eHopper
Colours: Black, Blue, Red
Size: 16-inch
Range: upto 50 km (31 miles)
Top Speed: 25 kph (15 mph)
Weight: 14 kg
Motor: 250 Watts
Features: Lightweight, convenient, quick & easy to fold, eco-friendly
LCD Controller: battery power, mode, odometer, mileage, speed, average speed

Perry eHopper Folding Electric Bike Video


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Perry eHopper Folding Electric Bike Reviews

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Best Perry eHopper Folding Electric Bike Alternatives

The Perry eHopper is an excellent bike and at just 14 kg, is the lightest folding electric bike we’ve reviewed. A cheaper alternative to the eHopper is the Whirlwind C4 Folding Electric Bike which is just 2 kg heavier, making it ideal for commuting.

If you wanted something completely different, you could consider an electric motorcycle like the Sur-Ron electric motorbike.