Pinnacle bikes has an unusual philosophy amongst bike manufacturers. It doesn’t say that all bikes are different, and that Pinnacle bikes are especially different. It says that all bikes are generally similar with the same number of wheels, constructed of the same kinds of materials, share the same specifications, and even share similar price-points.

This presents too many choices for the consumer. Pinnacle realized early on that extra costs a lot of money and making differences results in higher costs for the consumer. The attention to detail thinking is what has enabled Pinnacle to sell bikes for a low price and still add that extra bit of value for the money.

Pinnacle are UK based, and as such, they consider the riding conditions of the weather in the UK and tailor each model, geometry, tubing, and specifications to the needs of riders in the United Kingdom. Some of the alterations are simple like additional hubs to tolerate the wet conditions inherent in the UK weather. Another unique part of Pinnacle bikes are forward-facing slots.

Another feature is mud guard clearance. Some other features include custom carbon composite, Jagwire TubeTops, extra rear mech hangers, P-fit ATS stems, in house frame designs and custom tailoring, p-fit sizing system, a lifetime frame warranty, and finish line grease. All these factors add up to some pretty unique bikes. Pinnacle had bikes that came out in 2008, 2009, and 2010, and they produce mountain, road, hybrid, childrens, and jump models, including women’s models and a Project Aura brand.

Pinnacle Bikes features a great new line of mountain bikes for 2010 that features the Peak, Evolution, and Aura Mountain ranges. The different Peak models are Peak 0.0, Peak 1.0, Peak 2.0, Peak 3.0, and Peak 4.0. The different Evolution models are Evolution 1.0 and Evolution 2.0. The Aura Mountain bikes are the Aura 1.0 and Aura 2.0. The Peak is designed to give you the most dependable bike without breaking the bank.

There are also a lot of specifications for easy viewing and cross-comparison between the other Peak models. The Peak is an elegant white and blue bike that features a nice austere design for the average user. People that want to get into mountain biking for the first time should try out the Peak from Pinnacle. The Evolution is a step above, and it is based on the Pinnacle a6 custom butted alloy tube set, and this creates a great balance between strength and weight. If a bike is too strong, it may not be light enough. If a bike is too heavy, it may not go fast enough.

Pinnacle solves both of these problems with the Pinnacle twist on engineering that gives it a perfect compromise between both. The Aura 1.0 is a bike built for women that is a perfect introduction to the sport of mountain biking for women. Everything from the frame geometry to the handlebar grips is handled especially for women. Every aspect puts the female rider in mind. There is a high degree of comfort and class involved that leads to a lower weight overall.