Quad Bikes are a special off-road vehicle with four wheels that have a weight of less than 550 kgs. You need a special B1 license to drive a quad bike in the UK as well as the required tax fees, insurance, and registration.

Quad bikes are often used for farming, sheep herding and lifeguarding assistance on beaches. Some things you may not know as quad bikes include golf carts, airport baggage tractors, and construction worker vehicles at schools. Quad bikes are specifically designed to perform in similar capacities as dirt bikes and tractors.

The safety regulations are more lax for quad bikes than they are for cars other vehicles like motorcycles because they’re not as dangerous. Quad bikes are not controlled by the same standards for cars under EU directives. Quad bikes are actually not ATVs even though they may bear some similarities. Various professions make heavy use of quad bikes like farming, game keeping, and park maintenance.

Quad bikes are innately hard to handle compared to a motorcycle or vehicle. Having control in one does not guarantee control with a quad bike. They can flip, turn over, and swerve more easily than either a motorcycle or car. Quad bikes are recognized as a safe sport in the UK, and the users should wear helmets, gloves, goggles, and boots to ensure that the body doesn’t suffer minor injuries when a fall occurs. Since most quad bikes are done in off-road conditions, it is imperative to wear protective clothing against the water and mud that will inevitably pop up. Changes of clothing and crash helmets are a must.

Never carry a passenger on your quad bike and ensure that you’re always properly seated as an individual without someone hanging on in any way. Quad bikes can’t be driven on the road so watch out to ensure that you’re free of any real roads with street signs, stoplights, or pavement. Cornering is a serious concern with quad bikes, and people should not attempt to ride them without specialized training and specialist insurance. The minimum legal age to drive a quad bike is 18 years old so it’s not a children’s toy. Authorized quad bike instructors should be the only ones licensed to train youth in future quad biking activities.

It is illegal to ride a quad bike on anyone’s land without permission even though it is an off-road vehicle. Some natural parks are off-limits because of the potential damage to wildlife and natural habitat that is incurred as a result of the off-road nature of a quad bike. These are designed to be driven on grass and other flat and semi-flat terrain, and they cannot be driven on pavement easily.

Although there are a lot of safety and legal requirements for a quad bike they are so much fun to drive. Off-roading can be so much fun and the speed that these things go at is just amazing. They are also pretty cheap when compared to motorbikes and cars.