Road biking riding tips can help you succeed on the road whereas you never could before. A summary of the top tips for riding well, different riding styles, riding uphill, and riding downhill can prepare you for an adventure in road biking that will last a lifetime.

Road bike riding tips are the easiest to come by because road biking is the most common type of riding there is. You don’t have to do it for vehicular transportation as with a motorbike or as a sport with BMX. Everyone rides road bikes for leisure, fun, and transportation in a big city to get acquainted with exercise, a good time, and a lot of fun on the road. Some of the best tips come from experienced riders who only have road bikes as their only form of transportation. These people can be especially good at giving you a hands-down best-of explanation tips list that will keep you riding from sunrise to sunset. The last thing you want to do is forget how cool it is to ride your road bike and instead get into something stupid like riding a BMX bike when road biking can provide all the fun you need and more. [Note from Editor: Tim’s road bike mad, the rest of us like BMX bikes – honest!]

Anyone with a road bike will tell you that it’s far easier to master than other types of bikes and that you need far less tips to master it. The majority of road bike users don’t do it for the sport. They just do it for fun.

Bike riding tips can get pretty obscure, and you might find yourself doing things you never thought you’d do once you get into riding your bike as a professional game. For example, some bike riders shave their legs for aerodynamics, to ease the healing of road rash, to make massage more pleasant, to have a more attractive appearance, and because of a sense of tradition too.

There are also some tips for riding in hot weather like never passing up the opportunity to pass through lawn sprinkler, putting a wet scarf around your head, looking for sprinklers that are always running, carrying a spray bottle, and putting a covering over your head so that the sweat will not drip down and cause the salt to get in your eyes which can hurt vision.

You can also ride on a recumbent if you have back and shoulder problems.

You can also use tips to select a good road bike path that will best fit your needs. For example, choose a bike path with some usage but that is not too busy, has a consistent surface, secure parking, options to mix it up, interconnectedness, and that’s it.

Also, if you’re on long rides that go for more than 4 hours, then avoid chafing and rash caused by chamois gel pad shorts by wearing jean shorts or loose athletic shorts. Shorts, tights, and pants that hug the skin too tightly can end up giving you a rash, chafing, and blisters.

Add your own riding tips below.