Saracen is a company that believes in affordability and quality in one. Saracen is one of the world’s most known bicycle brands, and it is especially well-known in the UK where it started in 1987. Saracen really stood out during the 1990s as a trendsetter, when it came out with the Kili Flyer bike.

The current range of mountain bikes covers the toughest trail-riding for the most aggressive UK riders all the way down to kids bikes. Saracen believes that it’s not just a bike, it’s a lifestyle. The official name for Saracen is Saracen Cycles but like with so many names, it just gets shortened. The company was originally based in Warwick and sold sport bicycles. The company recently moved abroad for reasons of cost.

Saracen bikes include the Tufftrax, Mantra, Zen, Amplitude, Ariel, Urban, and Junior. There is also a clothing range at Saracen. Let’s take a look at the Tufftrax range. These are the entry-level mountain bikes available for bikers that are just getting started out in the sport.

They are solid and dependable bikes that won’t break the bank when you purchase them. They have a Tufftrax, Tufftrax Womens, Tufftrax Comp, and Tufftrax Comp Womens. These bikes focus on the value for the money. They use framesets developed in the UK with good mounts to ensure an all-around ride. The sizes go from 14 inches to 22 inches. There is also a choice of 21 speed or 24 speed, and these gears are fashioned by Shimano. These bikes are designed to impress onlookers with their fancy designs, and design doesn’t cost a whole lot when it comes to a bike. Most of the cost is built into the componenets, and while the components are good ones, they aren’t the very best.

If you want to learn information about their technology, you can contact their brand that owns the company, Madison. You can purchase things under two categories in the shop, t-shirts and bits n’ bobs, and you always get free shipping. You can get limited edition tees, retro Saracen, and ltd edition graphic bottles. You can also find a dealer on any page of the site by typing your postcode into a search box. They have several models of bikes with ultra-contemporary bike profiles for each specific bike.

If you are really interested in getting a bike that will work well in almost any conditions then it’s really well worth considering the Saracen range of mountain bikes. You will find a lot of their bikes for sale from local dealers and bike stores since the ranges are so popular.