Scott Aspect 40 Review

The Scott Aspect 40 is a hardtail mountain bike which wants to entice riders in with its price and potential to perform. It is intended to be a good trail machine which can continue to operate efficiently even after hours of use in tough conditions and, although it is pitched towards the more affordable end of the scale, it still has a lot to offer novice riders who are going to be taking their cycling a little more seriously this year.

The Aspect Alloy 6061 frame is built to feature performance geometry, which basically means that you get quick acceleration and great climbing potential, thanks to the stiff hardtail setup. Technical trails will be easy to contend with since this type of frame and geometry will have innately responsive handling, which is something you might not find from other more basic mountain bikes. This setup also means that the Scott Aspect 40 is an appropriate bike to take out and about on urban roads, making it a good everyday machine, as well as one which is appropriate to take out for off the track fun during your free time. The result is that commuters and city dwellers can get even more out of the bike.

Of course a super stiff alloy frame on its own could render the Scott Aspect 40 a little less comfortable and compliant, particularly when big hits and bumpy surfaces present themselves. Thankfully, you have the Suntour XCM-H fork with 100mm of travel planted at the front of the bike, giving you a smoother experience, that can soak up impacts and make it feel like you are riding over a far more slick type of terrain. The shock offers a full lockout feature, which means you can stiffen it up and make the bike even faster and more agile if required. This also makes it more applicable on the roads, if this is going to be part and parcel of your typical usage of this kind of bike.

A Shimano drivetrain gives you fast firing gears and a good deal of durability, which will help you to keep on powering through mile after mile of countryside without missing a beat. You also get Shimano BR-M375-L disc brakes, which are mechanically operated. Disc brakes are the kind of step up you will want to look for in a mountain bike that will help you improve your performance, so the Scott Aspect 40 is definitely endowed with the right kind of components in this respect.

Araya TX-633 rims are paired with Schwalbe Black Jack tyres, for a wheelset combination which is just as rugged as the rest of the bike. The tyres are grippy enough to let you keep your footing on slippery surfaces, while still being suitable for use on the tarmac, so you can sprint and stay planted at the same time.

The standard Scott Aspect saddle and standard Scott seatpost show the manufacturer at its budget conscious best. Such in house components are not to be frowned at and do a good job of keeping the Scott Aspect 40 at an affordable price point, without damaging its pedigree. The Scott Aspect OS handlebar fits this description as well, allowing you to point the bike in the direction you want to go and let it take care of the rest.

If you want a well built alloy mountain bike which will not cost the earth and has nice features like disc brakes and a competent shock on the fork, then perhaps the Scott Aspect 40 will be a worthwhile choice from roughly the middle of this range.

Scott Aspect 40 Specifications

  • Front Fork: Suntour XCM-H with lockout, 100mm travel
  • Rear Shock: N/A
  • Front Derailleur: Shimano M190
  • Rear Derailleur: Shimano Acera
  • Gears: 24
  • Chainring: Shimano M171 42/34/24T
  • Cassette: Shimano HG31 11-32T 8-speed
  • Shifters: Shimano EF51L EZ-Fire Plus
  • Brakes: Shimano M375L Mechanical disc
  • Wheels: Araya TX-633
  • Tyres: Schwalbe Black Jack, 26×2.1