Scott CR1 Comp Double 2011 Road Bike

If you have been a long time fan of the Scott CR1 range then you may be aware that this stiff, sporty bike has been somewhat unforgiving in the past. However, for the last two years, Scott has attempted to re-imagine the range not just as a road racing series, but also as a collection which promises comfort and durability to the rider to a greater degree than ever before. Let us examine whether it is successful in its aims and whether the Scott CR1 Comp Double is a road bike worth buying.

Scott has the word ‘comfort’ scrawled right at the top of its agenda for this bike, which has resulted in redesigned frame geometry that encourages not only a slightly more upright seated position in the rider, but also an increased focus on soaking up the bumps and rumbles which are thrown up by even the smoothest road surfaces. In partnership with the carbon fork, the Scot CR1 Comp Double can iron out the surface ahead and reduce the inevitable impact of long distance riding so that you feel fresh and ready for more, even after a long slog.

You might be forgiven that this enhanced shock absorption might have been added at the expense of performance and handling. Thankfully this is definitely not the case, as the ride is responsive to your every whim and despite the comfort and vibration reduction, you can still feel in touch with both the bike and the road beneath you so that you can read the surface and understand the conditions.

Speed is the friend of the Scott CR1 Comp Double. All of the carbon components mean that the weight is kept at a very acceptable level and there is little to slow you down when you are racing along a flat, straight stretch of tarmac. Oddly, it is a more comfortable bike when you ask it to perform in a sporty manner, which is certainly an encouraging sign. The Shimano brakes and gears work well together and combined with the Continental Ultra Sport tyres you will be sure footed, even when you might otherwise be hampered by the effects of prolonged precipitation, which is inevitable from time to time when riding on British roads.

To get you up to speed you really need a bike which is stiff and agile, which is precisely what the Scott CR1 Comp Double can provide. Rather than the comfort geometry and carbon features making it softer and less nimble, they give it a smoothness and security at high speeds which might otherwise be missing from a bike finished in alloy and lacking the intelligent design choices which guide this model.

The Scott CR1 Comp Double is a great all-rounder, just as happy on the descent as it is on the ascent and equally competent across the fast, flat sections. Budding road bike users will find a lot to like here and its black and yellow colour scheme is easy on the eyes as well.