Scott Scale 29 Pro Review

The Scott Scale 29 Pro Mountain Bike looks amazing! It’s an aesthetically pleasing bike with features suitable for amateurs and professionals alike, including its famous 29″ wheels, excellent braking system and a super suspension coil. You are able to ride this bike with full confidence that it will take you where you want to go and will ride exactly how you wish it to. Its lightweight frame makes it an excellent addition to any professional racer, and result in a bike that weighs just 10.2kg.

The frame of the bike is a superlight custom butted frame. This lightweight frame makes it easier to lift on and off roof racks; as well as race up and down hills! This isn’t the lightest of the Scott Scale bikes but it is the second lightest of the Scale 29 series, a mere 0.7kg heavier than the Scale 29 RC but then again, that’s £2,000 more expensive.

Because of the bigger wheels, the 29 Pro Mountain Bike rides more smoothly and efficiently, due to a smaller attack angle and a larger contact patch on each tyre, allowing you to ride rather than endure loose rocks, shale, roots and loose surfaces. This will increase your momentum and give you a faster ride over difficult terrain. The bigger wheels also provide a taller ride and a more comfortable ride by allowing for a lower centre of gravity. You will also be using less energy to ride the bike, as the wheels cover more ground.

Scott Scale 29 Pro Specifications

The front forks are RockShox SID RL which give 100mm of travel, the same as the 26-inch Scale range. However, I thought there was a case for 120mm forks, to help make the ride more comfortable when going over rocky ground but this isn’t to say the Scale 29 Pro needs better handling when ridden over rough terrain.

The Scale 29 Pro is fitted with SRAM X0 on the rear derailleur but SRAM X9 at the front and for the shifters. Come on Scott, this is a £3,000 bike, shouldn’t this have SRAM X0 throughout? Thankfully they don’t make the same mistake on the brakes, with the beautiful Avid Elixir 9RS being fitted.

With Schwalbe Rocket Ron EVO tyres sat on top of DT Swiss XR29 rims, this is a bike that has reassuringly assertive feet. The colour scheme give this bike a sharp design with a professional look.

Above all, the Scott Scale 29 Pro Mountain Bike is a good bike. A lightweight frame, larger wheels and decent gears and braking system allow you to use the bike to its full potential whilst still having a confident and comfortable ride.

Model: Scott Scale 29 Pro
4.5 / 5 stars