Scott Speedster S50 Flat Bar Triple Road Bike

Scott Speedster S50 Flat Bar Triple Road Bike

The Scott Speedster S50 Flat Bar Triple is an impressively affordable road bike that touts a number of desirable features but comes into the market at a price point which makes it affordable. The flat bar setup means that it is better suited to comfort riding over long distances than all-out performance in competitive situations, but it still has race-tuned geometry and a rigidity that means you can push forward with power and be rewarded for your efforts.

The Scott Speedster S50 Flat Bar Triple has the same alloy frame found on the more expensive models in the same family of cycles. This is combined with an alloy fork rather than the carbon hybrid available in its costlier siblings, but for this money you will not be in a position to complain. The frame has been honed and toned over years of racing experience and it really shows, with geometry that gives you excellent stability and accuracy of handling. When the weather is fine and the conditions are good, the bike will happily tear along flat roads, gobble up climbs and race down inclines, giving its rider the confidence to push themselves and still feel safe. Of course thanks to its solid build and planted, assured performance, it is able to replicate this even when conditions worsen and you are battered by side winds and harassed by the rain. Its all-rounder approach definitely enhances its value.

Scott Speedster S50 Flat Bar Triple Specifications

The Scott Speedster S50 Flat Bar Triple may be almost half a kilo heavier than the S30, but as with all these alloy racers from Scott, you will rarely worry about the slight increase in heft. This is because the frame geometry and flatbar setup lets you convert all of your pedalling energy into forward momentum. Its rigid tail will stay steady when you tackle climbs and the Continental Ultra Sport tyres matched with Alex Race rims are supportive and supple enough to soak up vibrations while still turning slickly and letting you feel sure-footed, even when the tarmac is wet.

The combination of Shimano and Truativ components help to make up the gears arrangement, giving you enough flexibility to swarm up the steepest of hills, provided you have the gumption to live up to the bike’s potential. Meanwhile, the Scott Sport L brakes may be in-house and off the shelf but they are just about good enough to make you confident of your ability to stop and control the speed of the bike.

There are obviously areas in which the Scott Speedster S50 Flat Bar Triple can be improved, but the good news is that most of these are components that can be replaced at a later date when you have the time, money and ability to get the job done. The core capabilities of its frame make it an enviable option at this price point and if you are dissatisfied with any peripheral components, you can swap them out for something better suited to your needs.

Model: Scott Speedster S50
4 / 5 stars