Specialized Langster Steel Single Speed Bike Review

It seems that steel bikes have gone somewhat out of fashion in recent years as alloy and carbon comes in to take over the market. However, Specialized is clearly still a fan of the classics because the Langster Steel is here and very proud of its heritage. Buying a Specialized Langster Steel will allow you to get a traditional style of bike while still enjoy the benefits of modern manufacturing techniques. Let us see whether the results are successful.

Steel is, as you might expect, used extensively in the creation of this model. The frame has ‘classic’ geometry designed for the track or the road and the steel handlebars are also turned down in the classic style which cycling fanatics will doubtless idolise. All these steel components which have been fashioned in a nostalgic manner combine to give the Langster Steel a very stylish, unique look.

Of course the steel is not just for show, as it has other benefits on the road as well. Firstly, it is impressive in its durability and will not fall apart after a few spins around the block. Secondly, by using steel it has been possible to give the rider a very accurate level of control over the handling of the bike. You get plenty of feedback from the road surface, but this is achieved without shaking you to pieces in the process. It is comfortable over long distances and puts you into a seated position which will ensure that you can gain speed and steer the bike without being put out of joint.

A single speed road bike is a relatively rarity in the modern market, particularly when you are looking at bikes which have a sporty, racy streak running through them. This is the setup which the Langster Steel goes for, providing you with direct control over the rear wheel and a degree of simplicity which some will love, as there is no need to worry about complex gear systems going wrong, skipping a beat or falling apart completely.

The single speed setup is beneficial for commuters and in a relatively flat urban environment it will be a valuable companion on your daily trips to and from work. The one obvious downside of the singe gear bike is that as soon as you face an incline you will be forced to work a little bit harder. Of course unless the slope is 45 degrees you will either just get on with the task of mounting it or give up and walk until the ground levels out. As you use the bike and your fitness improves, hills should be less of an issue and the fact that the Specialized Langster Steel gives you no option but to grin and bear it may actually be a boon for some riders.

The age-old design of the bike is complemented by the subtle Specialized branding and whether you want to make a fashion statement or take on mile after mile of open road, the Langster Steel will be there to guide you.

Bike: Specialized Langster Steel
4 / 5 stars