Specialized Myka HT Disc Women’s Mountain Bike Review

The Specialized Myka HT Disc may be an entry level mountain bike designed for women who want to get out and about on a budget, but you will be impressed with the way in which the manufacturer has avoided cutting corners to present this ride in the best possible light. Specialized has been creating bespoke bikes for female riders for longer than any of its rivals and this experience shows, even in base models such as this.

Handling is not something that usually comes into consideration when manufacturers are creating budget bikes but thankfully this has not had an impact on the Specialized Myka HT Disc. The premium aluminium frame is fitted with an SR Suntour fork that offers 80mm of travel. This is supple and absorbent enough to be useful in tricky conditions, but it is also able to retain the stiffness of the frame and allow for the rider to get a greater degree of control over the bike, enhancing confidence. Some entry level bikes also suffer as a result of the added weight of a suspension setup which does little to help with the precision of the handling, but the bike has been kept well within acceptable limits when it comes to overall heft and so even if you are not in the best possible shape it will not feel like a chore to ride.

Another aspect of the suspension for the Specialized Myka HT Disc that is worth mentioning is that the manufacturer has not just stuck on any old generic shock to soak up the bumps. Instead it has made sure that the spring rates of the suspension have been adjusted to suit the weight of female riders, with each frame side getting an adapted, custom setup to make sure that there is an automatic advantage built into the bikes without the usual costs associated with getting a personalised feel.

Perhaps the most important aspect of this bike is the inclusion of the Tektro disc brakes. These are mechanically operated and feature 160mm rotors on the front and rear. Often you will find V-brakes on similar models and indeed you can opt for a slightly cheaper sibling to this bike which does not feature disc brakes. Disc brakes are far more reliable and consistent than the cheaper alternatives and will keep on giving you the stopping power you need, no matter what the condition of the road ahead.

On the smaller-framed versions of this model you will note that the top tube has been bent. This is more than just an aesthetic quirk as it is designed to accommodate female riders while still providing them with an unbeatable standover height which might otherwise be missing from compact mountain bikes such as this. The idea is to level the playing field and not penalise women riders when the male equivalents might usually offer improved standover heights.

The Specialized Myka HT Disc offers great value for money, from its well thought out frame geometry to its disc brakes and custom suspension. Female riders looking for a beginner’s mountain bike will be hard pressed to do better than this.

Bike: Specialized Myka HT Disc
4 / 5 stars