Introduction to the Sur-Ron Light Bee L1E

Imagine the wind in your face and a thrilling silence as you rev up on an innovative mode of transportation. That’s what the Sur-Ron Light Bee L1E offers – the combination of an electric motorbike, eco-bike, dirt bike and all round fun machine! A true merging of eco-friendliness with adrenaline-pumping excitement. Synthesizing the nimbleness of a mountain bike with the potency of a motorcycle, this eclectic electric bike has captured the attention of riding enthusiasts across urban settings and rugged landscapes alike. I invite you to join me on an exploration of this marvel; assessing its capacity to revolutionise our conception of electric bikes.

Brief History of the Sur-Ron Light Bee L1E

Surging onto the scene from China, Sur-Ron is relatively new but has made substantial waves since its founding in 2014. Known for their dedication to R&D in electric motorbikes, Sur-Ron have recently been turning heads with their Light Bee L1E model – a road bike that straddles the line between off-road dirt bike MX prowess and street-smart road legal convenience. It emerged not only as a testament to green eco-technology advancement but also stands as a testament to motorbike innovation and pure riding joy.

The Light Bee moniker might conjure images of delicate flying insects, yet make no mistake: this ride packs more punch than its name suggests. Since hitting markets, it has soared in popularity among both casual riders seeking an environmentally friendly commute and thrill-seekers craving its zesty performance. The Light Bee L1E is the road legal sibling of the sporty Light Bee X and the youth orientated, and slightly smaller, Light Bee S, both of which are off-road dirt bikes aimed at motocross enthusiasts.

Overview of the Key Features & Benefits of the Sur-Ron Light Bee L1E

When looking for a bike, particularly something as cutting-edge as an e-bike like the Surron Light Bee, discerning riders pinpoint several crucial features, and who am I to disagree;

  • Motor: Its heart beats thanks to a robust 60V 32Ah battery and 6kW mid-drive electric motor.
  • Design: A sleek aesthetic belies rugged construction, an aluminium frame meets function and form.
  • Performance: Expect punchy acceleration capable not just of brisk city commutes but competent handling amidst challenging off-road terrain.
  • Legality: Savvy UK design tweaks ensure compliance with street regulations for seamless transition from trail to tarmac.
  • Range & Battery Life: A dependable companion offering generous 100 km range, crucial for uninterrupted adventures.

The true allure lies not just within these impressive aspects, it’s how they synergistically enhance the overall ride. From environmentalists applauding its zero emissions to gearheads nodding appreciatively at its torque figures (250Nm), there’s universal appeal nestled within its engineering marvels. Let’s delve further into what makes the Light Bee L1E tick so you can decide if this Sur-Ron bike will make your heart do likewise.

Sur-Ron Light Bee L1E Pros & Cons

Like all good reviews, I’ve tried to offer a fair balance between the various features and benefits of this Light Bee L1E bike and have listed some of the pros and cons below. I will also be publishing some further reviews on the Light Bee L1E performance, taking a look at the Light Bee L1E road legal compliance and providing further insight into the Light Bee L1E riding experience from myself and other customer reviews. Any questions you have may be answered on our Sur-Ron FAQs page and for those looking for finance options, check out our Sur-Ron Finance page for full details.


  • Motor: 6kW mid-drive electric motor
  • Light: lightweight aluminium frame
  • Performance: punchy acceleration
  • Range: generous 100 km range


  • Recharging: poor public battery charging Infrastructure
  • Range Angst: potential battery range angst
Sur-Ron Motorbike Sunset
Sur-Ron Motorbike Sunset

Compare Sur-Ron Electric Bikes Specifications

Sur-Ron Bike SpecificationsLight Bee L1ELight Bee XLight Bee SUltra BeeStorm Bee
Peak Power (W)6,0006,0002,90012,50022,500
Torque (Nm)250250220440520
Top Speed (mph)4545305668
Weight (kg)50504085127
Max Load (kg)10010075100100
Wheel Size (inch)19"19"17"19"21"
Wheelbase (mm)12601260125013801430
Ground Clearance (mm)270270270318310
Seat Height (mm)880880760910940
Battery60v 32Ah60v 32Ah60v 32Ah74v 55Ah90v 55Ah
Battery Charging Time (hrs)3.53.544.54
Range (km)10010065140100
Motorcycle ClassL3e-A1L3e-A1L3e-A1L3e-A2L3e-A2