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Gary Fisher Utopia

Although this bike falls into the hybrid category by the manufacturer’s definition, it is capable enough to be classed as a competent off road bike thanks to its uncompromising build quality, front fork with suspension and...

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Gary Fisher Kaitai

The Gary Fisher Kaitai is a hybrid bike that joins a long line of contemporary, capable cycles aimed at modern riders who want to enjoy comfort and performance whether they are riding to the shops or trekking down country lanes....

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Gary Fisher Bodega

The Gary Fisher Bodega comes from a respected brand that produces bikes for riders with different budgets. This particular model is aimed at those who do not want to remortgage their property to pay for a bike but still want to...

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Gary Fisher Superfly Elite

The Gary Fisher Superfly Elite lives up to its name with professional grade components, a carbon frame and a set up that is ready for the racing circuit. It is a hardtail mountain bike with a front fork that affords 100mm of...

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Gary Fisher Superfly 29er

The Gary Fisher Superfly 29er is a mountain bike, which has a set up that is designed for serious racing and borrows much from the professional grade Superfly Elite. However, the price is down to a level that is a little more...

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Gary Fisher Montare Hybrid Bike

Its hybrid bike tag may make the Gary Fisher Montare sound like an urban socialite on paper but in truth, it is more like a mountain bike in disguise, complete with a shock on the front fork, hydraulic disc brakes from Promax...

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Gary Fisher Paragon 29er

Gary Fisher Paragon 29er The Gary Fisher Paragon 29er is a mountain bike aimed at enthusiasts of high-end components, a poised design and superior control. These selling points are clearly spelled out in its price but unlike...

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Gary Fisher X-Caliber 29er

Gary Fisher X-Caliber 29er Those who want to take their mountain biking experience to the next level will probably be considering a number of bikes and the Gary Fisher X-Caliber 29er is just one of the options on the market at...

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Gary Fisher Cobia 29er

Gary Fisher Cobia 29er Although the range of Gary Fisher mountain bikes extends to much higher price points than this, the Cobia 29er is a good place to start if you are going to take this sport seriously but do not want to...

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Gary Fisher Marlin 29er

Gary Fisher Marlin 29er Gary Fisher makes reliable mountain bikes at many price points and this is one of the more affordable options which semi-serious riders can choose if they want to get access to high-end capabilities...

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