Metro Fold Electric Volt Bike

As controversy rages over the electric vehicle market [read our Travel to Work Report], with electric cars coming in for particular criticism, there is no doubt that the electric bike market is developing very quickly and it is proving to be extremely popular amongst consumers. The latest entry to this very competitive market is the Volt Metro Electric Bike which offers an array of new technology in a very convenient and very stylish mode of transport. So, what exactly do you get for your £1,399?

First Impressions of the Volt Metro

The Volt Metro electric bike is one of those machines that are very subtle on the eye, probably something you’ve seen before but not necessarily something which would catch your attention. The wheels are slightly smaller than a traditional bike, the actual dimensions of the vehicle look much smaller but it is comfortable to ride and it looks really stylish.

The Metro is an electric bicycle rather than a motorcycle like the Sur-Ron electric motorbike.

Besides good looks, the Metro is practical too with an ability to fold into a small storage space and is very light, making carrying easy. So, first impressions of the Volt Metro are very good.

The Metro Electric Bike from Volt


This particular bike takes in an array of new technology due to an exclusive partnership with Bafang Electric Motors and the new V–Wave technology. This new technology is fitted as standard on the Volt Metro bike and basically allows you to take on any type of terrain and any weather conditions, well ok, most weather conditions!

The 250w Bafang motor requires little or no maintenance, offers a very useful pedal assisted system as well as using the latest lithium polymer batteries. The pedal assisted system allows the bike’s on-board computer to monitor your riding style, release assistance power when required and basically improve the efficiency of the vehicle. The motor itself comes with five speed settings which can easily be adjusted via a twist thumb throttle and with a top speed of just over 15mph it is likely to prove a popular model.

Additional Specifications

As I mentioned above, this is a fold-away bike which also has a soft and responsive suspension system. In addition, the Volt Metro is equipped with height adjustable handlebars, reinforced aluminium frame and comes with a two-year warranty.

When you take into account the standard front and rear lights, safety power cut braking system and a quick release cable network built into the bike, it all begins to fit into place. That is before we even touch on the LCD display!

This particular electric bike is capable of 40 miles per charge with the standard setup or the upgraded versions can increase this to 45 miles and 60 miles. The LCD display gives you an array of real-time information including battery power, distance, speed, etc and is very useful when looking at your efficiency stats.


The bike is very easy to use, the motor itself is very quiet and with industry-experts claiming that 2013 is going to be a good year for the electric bike market, all bodes well for Volt.

While the idea of an electric bike and the idea of a folding bike are starting to catch the eyes of more and more people, put them together and you have the Volt Metro Electric bike. The V–Wave power system ensures that your biking style is as efficient as possible at all times due to the power boost technology. Quite how they have managed to integrate the latest electric bike technology into an ultra light, foldaway bike is unclear at first glance. However they have done it, this is certain to catch the eye of cyclists around the UK.

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