Trek 6000 Mountain Bike

The Trek 6000 is an affordable mountain bike which intends to offer riders who are just starting to push themselves a good platform for enhancing their basic skills.

It introduces a number of new elements to help differentiate the 6 Series from the cheaper 4 Series alternatives, although while it is a little more focused and competitively-oriented, it still manages to hit the market at an appealing price point.

The Alpha Aluminium Gold frame that makes up the bulk of the Trek 6000 is surprisingly light thanks to tubing which is formed to reduce the weight without also making the bike less hardy or strong. There are rack and fender mounts at the front and rear so the rider has the option to add peripherals and accessories as they see fit, which means you can make the bike as practical or powerful as you wish.

The front fork features an SR Suntour XCR-RL coil spring shock, giving you 100mm of travel to play with. Of course the travel of the suspension is only relevant if you can utilise it smoothly and efficiently, which can be something of a problem on certain budget-oriented bikes. Luckily the Trek 6000 does not suffer from this kind of affliction, with its hardtail setup letting you take on steep climbs effectively while still having enough damage-absorbing power to shrug off the big hits.

Trek 6000 Features

A nice feature is the inclusion of Shimano M446 hydraulic disc brakes, which offer smoother and more consistent operation than the mechanic disc brakes that are bolted to some other models in a similar price range to the Trek 6000. Hydraulic precision will allow you to manage the speed of the bike and remain confident when on unstable surfaces or downhill runs.

Shimano Deore derailleur and shifters are matched with a 3 ring crankset and 10 speed cassette, which is a feature that Trek has been pushing out to a number of its bikes. This is intended to help you pedal effectively without wasting your energy and also be able to choose from a wide selection of gears. The durability of this setup means that it will keep on providing you with the power throughput you need over long stints in the saddle.

The Trek 6000 wheelset is made up of Shimano M435 alloy hubs along with Bontrager rims and XR1 tyres. These 26 inch wheels are suitable for most off-road situations, helping you to accelerate quickly and cascade down descents without accumulating dings and dents. Meanwhile the lightness means that when you do have to take on a climb you will not be fighting to pull the bike upwards as much as you might otherwise.

An adjustable Bontrager SSR seat post is equipped with an Evoke 1 saddle from the same firm, while there are a number of other Bontrager components present, including the Race Lite stem and the Low Riser OS handlebar. The ride quality and handling are good for a bike in this price bracket, which helps to give the Trek 6000 something to make it appealing to those who are trying to decide between off-road models in a crowded area of the market.

From a distance the Trek 6000 certainly looks the part, with the option to pick it in a grey and black or black and blue paint job. Trek is a little less manic with the visual detailing on its bikes than some of its rivals, which means the unfussy nature of this model and its stable mates will appeal to anyone who is more interested in performance than looks. In addition its design is not so specialised that it becomes unusable on public roads, so it could fit into a lifestyle that necessitates daily commutes and weekend off-road fun on the same bike.