Trek 6900 Mountain Bike Review

The Trek 6900 is a mountain bike which represents the pinnacle of the Trek 6 series of mountain bikes. It is lighter and faster than the more basic bikes in the range but it is not all about speed and performance. This is because Trek realises that riders can only get the best out of a bike if it is comfortable to ride and easy to handle, so the 6900 is designed to give you more control and an experience which will not leave you feeling too battered and bruised, even after you face the toughest trails out there.

The Trek 6900 is back for the 2012 season with an Alpha Gold aluminium frame featuring a semi-integrated head tube. This frame’s tubing is intelligently formed from alloy which is strong and tough without being overly heavy, so the weight of the bike is an improvement over many of its rivals. Meanwhile the RockShox Reba RL dual air spring suspension on the front fork gives you 100mm of travel. This is more than enough to compensate for crunching hits and big drops that might otherwise be rather bone-shaking and bike-breaking should you hit them on a lesser model.

Because the Trek 6900 is at the top of its class you can enjoy the smooth reliability of Shimano SLX drivetrain components, blended with Shimano Deore XT kit for consistent performance and flexibility. The 26 inch wheels are composed of Bontrager XR1 Expert tyres and Bontrager AT-850 rims, giving you the same combination of lightness and strength that is found in the alloy frame. 26 inch wheels may not have the same momentum-building properties as the 29ers you can see on the market today. However, because they are a little more compact they are also a little lighter and much easier to manipulate using the Bontrager Race Lite Low Riser handlebars, so for some riders the positives will outweigh the negatives.

One of the defining features of this bike is the use of Shimano SLX M666 hydraulic disc brakes. Having an improved brakeset is the sign of an appealing mountain bike and letting drivers operate their brakes with the added precision of hydraulics will let them feel far more able to wrangle the bike to do their bidding, rather than letting the lie of the land dictate their direction and speed.

The attractive red, white and black theme which covers the Trek 6900 mountain bike is engaging without being gaudy. At this price point, £1,400, you would expect a premium quality finish and Trek delivers on this expectation, with a cohesive design that pulls together disparate components and encourages them to work towards the same goal.

There are many hardtail mountain bikes available at this price point and the leap up to the 8 series or 9 series is much steeper in terms of cost, so the Trek 6900 can be a great compromise for budding riders who are also conscious of maintaining an affordable budget for their off-road activities. Whether racing competitively or trail-blazing for fun, this bike will be a good partner.

Model: Trek 6900
4 / 5 stars