Trek 7.2 FX Bike Review

The Trek 7.2 FX is a bike designed for versatility and long lasting comfort. Its hybrid styling means that it is ideal for use in urban environments, whether you are commuting or getting a bit of exercise. It is also not too delicate to take you on a ride that goes off the beaten track, so tarmac is not the only surface you can conquer on the FX 7.2.

The Trek 7.2 FX is one of the manufacturer’s most popular models and it is founded on the Alpha Gold aluminium frame, an upgrade from last year’s Alpha Black option. The alloy is lighter than an all-steel equivalent and strong enough to take the punishment that comes with regular riding. A steel fork delivers a sturdy, durable front end and this model is equipped with Bontrager handlebars which are designed to soak up the shocks and bumps you will find on even the most well maintained surface. In short the Trek FX 7.2 is set up to be accommodating to riders who are buying their first bike for a long time and are looking to be eased back into the world of cycling with an accommodating ride.

One of the things which makes the FX 7.2 very suitable for city use is the fact that it features Bontrager H2 wheels which have a special puncture-resisting belt built into them. This means the typical detritus which can litter urban streets and leave you with a pierced inner tube are not going to do as much damage. This should also come into play if you decide to take the bike off-road where sharp stones might otherwise put paid to your outdoor fun.

A collection of Shimano components and Tektro linear pull caliper brakes finish off the 7.2 FX appropriately. The manufacturer has clearly been conscious about keeping costs down so that the bike is as affordable as possible and enticing to beginners, but this does not mean that there are any major omissions or dips in quality that could put a frown on your face. Instead you get a bike which is consistently competent and impressively versatile, lending itself to weaving between traffic as well as to taking on muddy playing fields and rocky trails.

For 2012 the bike has been given two new choices when it comes to styling. You can pick the matte black paintjob which is not at all obtrusive, allowing you to blend into the stream of commuters in the morning and not worry about how much dirt is accumulating in the process. This is the choice for people who want unfussy styling. Meanwhile the navy blue edition is a little more colourful while still retaining that air of level-headedness possessed by its stable mate.

Whether you want to improve your overall levels of fitness, leave the car at home and cycle to work or simply relax and unwind in your leisure time, the Trek FX 7.2 is a great hybrid option that will help you achieve all three goals.

Model: Trek 7.2 FX Bike
4 / 5 stars