Trek 7.5 FX Bike 2012 Review

The Trek 7.5 FX is a hybrid bike designed for people who want to combine exercise with practicality. It is great for those who want to keep fit, but it is also perfect for commuting through busy streets or just riding for fun at the weekend. While it may have been created with road-based antics in mind it is not going to turn its nose up at a bit of mud. It is also not going to tire you out unnecessarily thanks to a light frame and adaptive drivetrain.

The frameset consists of an FX Alpha Gold aluminium frame combined with a Bontrager Nebula carbon fork. The frame is one of the lightest alloy offerings that Trek has ever produced and its hydroformed tubing is sophisticated enough to combine lightness and strength in equal measure.

There are plenty of features of the Trek 7.5 FX which have been chosen in order to enhance the comfort of the bike, making it perfect for long distance journeys. The IsoZone handlebars and Ergo grips from Bontrager are intended to eliminate road rumble before it can shudder its way into your shoulders. You can quickly get tired and lose the edge when it comes to control if a bike is not able to tune out vibrations, but thankfully this cycle from Trek achieves this with ease. The Bontrager H2 Flex Form saddle looks after your hind quarters. It is mounted on a specialized platform which articulates with your body as you push down on the pedals, smoothing out the ride and ensuring that you are happy to stay in the saddle for hours.

The drivetrain comes from Shimano’s various ranges and the Bontrager Race All-Weather Hard-Case tyres are good for city roads or country lanes because they are able to remain resistant to sharp objects and also keep on gripping in rain-slick conditions which might otherwise leave you feeling a little cautious about maintaining your normal speed.

The Trek 7.5 FX has integrated mounts which you can use to add accessories as and when you acquire them. You might want to make your bike even more practical with a rear-mounted rack to carry documents, groceries or whatever else you might require to take with you from day to day.

In terms of style the Trek 7.5 FX is available in a muted metallic grey or a slightly livelier red and white colour scheme. It is not so flamboyant that it might put you off nor so dull that it will blend in with all the other commuter workhorses when you are out and about in the morning.

Overall this is a great hybrid bike which manages to differentiate itself from its stable mates and competitors thanks to its comfort-oriented features, light frame and carbon fork. It proves that keeping fit does not need to be a chore when you can do so on a bike which is as agile, responsive and fun to ride as this.

  • Front Derailleur: Shimano Sora
  • Rear Derailleur: Shimano Deore
  • Shifters: Shimano R440
  • Brakes: Tektro alloy linear pull

Model: Trek 7.5 FX
4 / 5 stars