Trek 7.6 FX Bike 2012 Review

The Trek 7.6 FX is a hybrid bike which puts the emphasis on giving the rider a predominantly comfortable platform on which to exercise, commute or ride for leisure. It seems that the FX range is so popular because of the vibration-damping features and the 7.6 is one of Trek’s best in this respect. However, it is not just about comfort, because this bike still has the features that make it responsive and fun to ride, not a little muted, dull or functional as you might expect.

The FX Alpha Gold aluminium frame of the Trek 7.6 FX is well respected, using hydroformed tubes to lighten the load and still exude strength and stability. This edition is an improvement over the more basic models in the range because if features the IsoZone monostay built into the rear end of the frame. This is positioned right at the point of the bike where the most road rumble is delivered and Trek is convinced that after a full year’s work it is at least twice as effective as any alternative vibration-eliminating system available to cyclists.

The Bontrager handlebars also have IsoZone technology which Trek describes as being like providing suspension for your hands. This prevents you becoming fatigued or sore as a result of riding for many miles and having to compensate for constant shaking and quaking as a result of the road surface.

The final comfort feature worth mentioning on the Trek 7.6 FX is the Flex Form saddle, also from Bontrager. Being able to pivot on a coupling in time with your pedalling motions means that you are getting the most adaptive, sympathetic cycling experience that never puts unnecessary wear and tear on your body. You will find it difficult to drag yourself away from this bike even after miles and miles of road-based action.

A combination of Shimano Tiagra and Deore components make up the drivetrain, while much of the rest of the kit is attributable to Bontrager. The alloy frame has a Nebula E2 carbon fork and also has the option to install the SpeedTrap measurement system so that you can see just how quickly you are moving without resorting to a clunky third party add-on. You get the all-weather hard-case tyres from Bontrager which will save you getting a flat on abrasive city streets and even the Bontrager grips are ergonomically designed to make them comfortable in the long run.

The dark black and grey frame of the Trek 7.6 FX is understated and this is a bike that really deserves your scrutiny because you will be hard pressed to find a ragged edge or poorly finished area. Hybrid bikes are rarely this comfortable, even if they claim to be, which is why the FX range is one of Trek’s most popular. It is not as stiff or agile as some alternatives, although it does not set out to be so, instead focusing on making it the kind of bike you will want to ride again and again.

Model: Trek 7.6 FX
4 / 5 stars