Trek 7.7 FX Road Bike 2012 Review

The Trek 7.7 FX is one of Trek’s top everyday hybrid bikes. It has been built to meet up to the high expectations of the discerning modern cyclist, enabling riders to get some exercise, head to work or simply travel locally or further afield in comfort. In fact this bike is almost entirely centred around the idea that cycling should not be tiring for any other reason than that you have been making good progress, so you will see plenty of vibration-reducing features on its specification list.

The hydroformed Alpha Gold aluminium frame is cleverly designed so that its weight is not a burden. The geometry is not so rigid as to force you into a particular seated position, so you can manipulate the bike to suit your body shape. In addition you get a carbon fork from the Bontrage Nebula range and a carbon seatpost from the Race X Lite family, so despite the fact that this is mostly alloy you can see where Trek has taken some weight reducing measures.

The first comfort-oriented feature is the IsoZone monostay built into the frame itself. It is positioned to be maximally effective in the fight against road rumble, soaking up the persistent buzz which might otherwise make its way into your joints and muscles and leave you feeling prematurely tired and ready to head for home sooner than you might otherwise like.

The Bontrager Satellite Plus handlebars are also endowed with IsoZone features, keeping down the vibration levels at the front of the bike. Ergonomic grips will make your hands feel right at home and the Bontrager H2 Flex Form saddle is the final area in which attention has been heaped in order to up the levels of comfort above and beyond what you would expect to find on a typical hybrid bike, which is exactly what the Trek FX 7.7 is not.

Shimano R770 shifters, 105 derailleurs and a Tiagra cassette make up the drivetrain, with a compact crank arrangement making it suitable for city use when you want to pick up the pace quickly to dash away from the lights and keep ahead of other road users. Bontrager Race Lite All-Weather Plus tyres are a step above what you will find on the more affordable models in this range, integrating a Kevlar bead in order to enhance the protection of the inner tube from all the spiky objects which can quickly put paid to your cycling.

With the Trek 7.7 FX you can have any colour as long as it is black and this reserved styling is typical of hybrid bikes which tend to put functionality at the top of the list of priorities. It is an elegantly designed bike from a technical point of view and you will find that it is as good an excuse as any to get out and about on two wheels more often, encouraging you to ditch the car and cycle where possible, whether you are off to work or just looking to burn off some calories.

Model: Trek 7.7 FX
4 / 5 stars