Trek Fuel EX 5 Women's Mountain Bike

Trek Fuel EX 5 Women’s Mountain Bike Review

The Trek Fuel EX 5 is a mountain bike designed with female riders in mind, giving those who are getting serious about off-road trail blazing the chance to experience a full suspension cycle which is kitted out with one of the best frames in the business. It comes into the market at a very affordable price and should be high on the list of consideration for any female mountain bike enthusiasts who want their uphill battles and downhill thrill rides to be handled with greater confidence.

Trek has taken the aluminium frame of the male-oriented Fuel EX range and adjusted it so that it is better suited to the weight and proportions of female riders. The Fox and RockShox suspension setup and the front and rear are still able to give the frame 120mm of travel, but adjustments to them mean that lighter riders will not be hampered by an overly stiff ride, which is something upon which the Fuel EX range is founded. You will be able to swarm up the side of mountains with plenty of traction and power throughput while still having the descent-friendly full suspension setup which will make you much more planted and reassured than those who are using hardtail bikes to tackle downhill sections.

Because this bike is a full suspension machine, it could feel a little weightier than some of its cheaper rivals, although this added heft is definitely an investment in ruggedness as much as it is in performance. You will be able to iron out the most punishing of terrains while hard tail riders are being bounced and rocked all over the place. Any disadvantage which you may feel you have on climbs is completely reversed as soon as flat ground or a downhill slope presents itself, so you can pick up essential seconds as the bike urges you to take the quicker, theoretically more difficult routes, while simplifying the process so that you can concentrate on guiding the bike and keeping the wheels turning faster and faster.

The Trek Fuel EX 5 features Bontrager rims and XR3 tyres from the same manufacturer. The rims are as sturdy as you would hope from a bike of this kind and will not balk at the impact of a jump or bump, even if repeated many times over. Meanwhile the tyres, which may not have the chunkiest tread on the market, are actually intended to improve the handling rather than give it class-leading grip, which given the weight increases which are unavoidable in any full suspension bike is a good thing. You will feel in total control of the bike through the turns and this is coupled with the straight-line confidence that is a real boon when you face varied terrain.

The Trek Fuel EX 5 may not win in a sprint over flat surfaces, or even in lengthy climbs, but in terms of providing competent performance in any situation it is one of the only women’s mountain bikes on the market which can live up to this promise.

Model: Trek Fuel EX 5
4 / 5 stars