The Trek FX+ is an electrically assisted iteration of this manufacturer’s most popular range of road bikes. It is designed to fit into a range of different lifestyles and situations, all with the backup of an electric motor which can give you that extra boost when you need it.

The Trek FX+ utilises the Alpha Gold Aluminium frame that is an accompaniment to other bikes in this range. It features geometry that is geared towards comfort and convenience, putting you in a good position to ride the bike over long distances or as you commute from day to day without feeling fatigued. The frame’s tubing is carefully formed in order to make it both light and strong, while at the front you get the Bontrager FX alloy fork, which provides responsive handling and decent vibration damping.

A Shimano RM70 hub at the front is combined with a BionX rear hub and motor setup, offering 200 to 250 watts of power. The battery itself consists of 44 cells for a higher capacity than was available on previous models, which means that with a full charge, you can cover more ground. You can of course use the Shimano Deore drivetrain to put power through the Bontrager Race All-Weather Hard-Case tyres, but having the electric option as a backup will certainly benefit some riders. The tyres are actually an interesting component, since they have the best protection against getting a flat of any of Bontrager’s ranges.

The Syn Drive system mounted on the handlebar allows you to control the motor easily once you have got to grips with its inputs and interface. The heads up display provides you with different pieces of information, such as how much charge is left in the battery, how fast you are going and what distance you have travelled. Power is delivered smoothly, so there is no jarring transition as you activate the electric motor to give yourself a break from all-out pedaling.

The Trek FX+ takes advantage of Tektro brakes which are more than just your average model’s. These are integrated into a regenerative breaking system that helps to actually recharge the bike’s battery when you are going downhill or creating energy as you come to a stop. That means that no effort is wasted and you can keep the battery going for longer than might normally be possible. This is the kind of technology that is usually found in high end cars, but is now available on a relatively humble bike such as this.

The battery itself is mounted on a rack over the rear wheel and while it will charge whilst the bike is in motion, you can also take it off with ease and plug it into any available mains power source when you are at home or at your destination.

To aid rider comfort, the Trek FX+ comes with a Bontrager Nebula seatpost and H2 Flex Form saddle from the same manufacturer. The saddle in particular is a nice addition, as it has been created in order to ease the pressure hat is placed upon the rider, thus resulting in a far more pleasant experience when you have to cover long distances in one go.

Further comfort is added thanks to the Bontrager Satellite Plus IsoZone OS and compatible grips. These represent specifically engineered vibration-damping technology that will make the bike easier to manage and less likely to fatigue you with vibrations and road buzz in the long run. There are few more slick or stable ways to get around than on the seat of a Trek FX+ electric road bike.