Trek Madone 4.9 Road Bike 2012 Review

The Trek Madone 4.9 is a road bike which attempts to bridge the gap between high performance racing heritage and affordability, bringing a tour-winning design to a price point which more people will find manageable. Carbon frame, upgraded components and an efficient, compact design all make the 2012 edition of the Madone 4.9 one to watch.

The 400 Series OCLV carbon frame of this bike has been selected to achieve two things. The first and most obvious is weight saving, because this is much lighter than many alternatives and a real step up from alloy framed road bikes. With a lighter frame you can achieve higher speeds and also remain energised for longer as you will not be towing around any extra weight with you, unless it’s around your middle! The second goal of the Madone 4.9 is to deliver superior acceleration thanks to improved stiffness and intelligent geometry. The BB90 bottom bracket is the widest around at 90mm and its carbon construction means there is no unnecessary weight added to make the bike stiffer and thus easier to put power through.

The frame is compatible with DuoTrap, the measurement sensors which you can install on the bike without affecting the aerodynamic nature of it thanks to the seamless integration. This is great for serious riders who want to assess their performances accurately and increase their capabilities ahead of a competition.

The drivetrain combines Shimano Ultegra components with a Dura-Ace crank. The crank is more compact than you might expect on such a bike and it has been used because this allows for greater speed on the flats and also an impressive ability to climb hard and fast when slopes are in between you and the finish line.

The Bontrager branding is found on a majority of the components connected to the core of the Trek Madone 4.9 road bike. The Bontrager Race rims are paired with Bontrager R3 tyres, while the Bontrager Affinity 3 saddle is mounted on hollow chromoly rails which ensure comfort and minimal weight. The carbon seatpost echoes the lightness and strength of the frame while the Race Blade VR handlebars are wide and integrated with the H2 geometry of the bike. This setup is the second of Trek’s professional platforms and angles the rider so that there is less strain being placed on their back and neck while also improving their aerodynamic form while riding.

The green, black and white colour scheme of the Trek Madone 4.9 looks great and blends in with the sleekness of the carbon. This is a bike which needs to be ridden by a serious cyclist who has the ambition to squeeze every last drop of potential out of it. The Madone family has some of road racing’s best bikes amongst its ranks and although this is not at the top of the scale in terms of performance or price it can give enthusiasts a good idea of what to expect without coming with a wallet-damaging price tag or an unnecessarily high class of components.

Model: Trek Madone 4.9
4 / 5 stars