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Trek Slash

One of the leading producers of Mountain Bikes has announced some new models for 2012. Trek Bikes has unveiled its 2012 collection of trail-ripping full suspension bikes to the media at its Ride Camp in Mayrhofen, Austria.

Included in this year’s line are two completely new models; the Trek Session 9.9 Mountain Bike 2012 and a bike that Trek are putting into a new category, which they are calling Technical Trail Bikes, the new Trek Slash. New technologies abound as Trek’s Fuel EX, Remedy, and Rumblefish bikes will now be equipped with DRCV Fox Forks, a new fork breakthrough spawned from Trek’s Southern California-based suspension lab’s development work with Fox Racing Shox.

Trek Bikes have announced the launch of a new bike designed for the endurance downhill mountain bike market, the Trek Slash.

The Slash features a new 160mm travel system which has been developed with Trek riders Rene Wildhaber and Ross Schnell. Whilst Trek have yet to allow anyone (well, media) to ride the new Slash, they are claiming it has the perfect suspension, geometry, and parts spec to dominate the endurance downhill scene. I think we’ll be the test of that, well, once we can get our hands on one!

Taking advantage of Trek’s Full Floater and EVO link suspension designs, the Slash is paired with a DRCV shock and Active Breaking Pivot rear end to allow for maximum pedaling efficiency no matter the conditions.

“Slash is defined by a lot more than just its travel — it’s the whole package of commanding steering, superior suspension, and a parts spec that rivals some DH bikes in durability and performance,” said Trek Mountain Bike Product Manager John Riley. “If you’re riding events like Megavalanche or Downieville, this is your bike.”

The Slash replaces the Scratch Air in Trek’s line-up and is aimed at gravity riders who still plan to do a bit of pedalling.

Model: Trek Slash
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