Velo Birmingham feed stations are located throughout the route

Velo Birmingham Feed Stations

Velo Birmingham Feed Stations

Velo Birmingham organisers have confirmed four feed stations for the inaugural Birmingham sportive. They are evenly distributed across the 100-mile route.

Feed Stations are an important aspect of cycling sportives as they give cyclists an opportunity to take a short break, catch their breath and refuel. The Velo Birmingham feed stations also give supporters a specific location in which to wait for their friends & family and rally the weary ahead of the next section of the route.

Evenly spread at approximately 25-mile (40km) intervals, each section of the route could be considered to be 4 x 25m routes. The feed stations are conveniently located alongside easily identifiable locations, which are local pubs, hotels and train stations.

The feed stations are listed below with their address and a link to the exact location on Google Maps.

Feed Station Location Marker (links to Google Maps)
1 A458 Stourton Fox Inn, Bridgnorth Road, Stourton, Kinver
2 Kidderminster Mercure Bewdley The Heath Hotel, Habberley Road, Kidderminster
3 Droitwich Spa Ormerod Rutter Chartered Accountants, Salwarpe Road, Droitwich Spa
4 Clent Vine Inn, St. Kenelm’s Pass, Clent

Foods & Drinks

Velo Birmingham cyclists have no doubt spent weeks and months preparing for the event but an essential part of a successful sportive is ensuring you fuel correctly on the day.

We have a couple of useful articles to help with this;

The best foods for cycling are those that refuel, either slow-release foods like oats or foods that deliver energy quickly, which include gels.

The Velo Birmingham organisers have released the list of foods and drinks that will be available at each of the feed stations.

  • Water
  • Coke
  • Bananas
  • Sausage Rolls
  • Haribo
  • Chocolate
  • Flapjack
  • Fig Rolls
  • Savory snack / sandwich
  • Crisps
  • High 5 Nutrition products – energy gels, bars and drinks

My advice would be to go for the flapjacks first and foremost as this will provide you with slow release energy, helping to sustain you through the next stage of the ride. Personally, I’ll also be taking some Soreen (malt loaf) with me as I find this provides one of the highest carbohydrate ratios of easily digestible foods.

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