Scientists used to believe that excess body fat actually had health benefits for your body that it could stave off osteoporosis (brittle bones). We now know that this isn’t true, in fact, extra fat can actually contribute to osteoporosis.

Excessive weight can take its toll on your body and your health. Here are some health risks of being overweight. There are many risks that come with those extra pounds you carry around. You could be diagnosed with diabetes, have high blood pressure or develop heart disease. Too much weight can also badly influence your muscles, joints and bones. So you might want to consider losing that tyre around your waist and reap the health benefits of being fit.

University of Georgia conducted a study in Children that concluded that obesity in children may hurt bone growth. It was shown that carrying extra fat is bad for your health and organs but it is also dangerous for your bone health. They realized this by switching from two dimensional scans to three dimensional scans when studying excessive fat and the impact it has on the bones in our body.

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This study was carried out with one hundred and fifteen people participating in it, and has proven that people with high percentage of body fat had nine percent weaker bones that the others. According to previous theories, constant application of force with muscles will promote bone growth. People who are overweight usually have more muscles surrounding their bones, which is what made the researchers think that being overweight is somehow actually beneficial to your bones. By using three dimensional scans, scientist from Georgia University concluded that people who were overweight weren’t actually producing enough bone for the amount of muscle they had surrounding those bones.

It was also proven in this research that having that extra fat can result in lower mineral density in your bones, which is how the strength of the bone is measured. Exactly how fat destroys our bones hasn’t been discovered yet, but according to research, extra fat will lead to having more fat cells than bone cells in the bone marrow. Fat cells produce substances, as yet unknown to researchers, that can lead to different bone diseases, accompanying various heart diseases. Those few extra pounds you have been walking with puts you in danger of developing different diseases and deteriorating your bones.

So what can you do to prevent all these dreadful things from happening to you? Exercise. Lifting weights is a good way to exert force with muscles so it actually results in bone growth. Another great way is cycling, which can get you leaner, stronger and shed that unwanted fat around your body.

You probably have a bicycle in your garage or shed, all you need to do is dust if off. There are plenty of reasons to take up cycling. The list of benefits is long, cycling burns calories fast, helps you to lose weight, it improves your overall cardio, it will help you reduce risks of developing heart disease and diabetes, it will also enhance your brainpower, and it will help you get a good night sleep. It is also very gentle on the joints, as opposed to weight lifting where you have to balance and hold the barbell over loaded with weights above your head.

Cycling is a non-impact form of exercise, and doesn’t destroy your joints. That means that anybody can pedal up the steepest hill, regardless of his or hers size, with a little practice. Also it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or you have been cycling for a long time, everybody who rides a bike has the same benefits.

Quads, Glutes, Hamstrings and Calves

Cycling engages the biggest muscles in your body, the quadriceps, hamstring and glutes. Don’t worry you will not bulk up like those pro body builders, but you will tone those muscles and burn fat of them which mill make them look amazing. And the bigger the muscle the greater it’s fat burning ability is. Big muscles aren’t the only way to burn fat, cycling will increase levels of fat carrying enzymes which helps better use fatty acids for energy.

Regular exercise like cycling can be good for you stomach too, and not just the outside look of it. According to new research, exercise is beneficial for GI tract, and the good bacteria that live inside. There are millions of bacteria that live inside your intestines, we are not talking about the bacteria that makes you sick. We need this bacteria to help us with digestion and it actually helps us not get sick. Research has shown that people who exercise have better microbiota (flora) which means better metabolism. Having a protein rich diet can increase microbiota and will also help you with your gut health. This means that cycling is a great exercise for people who already have problems with their gut and GI distress.

You didn’t put on those pounds in one day so it’s only logical that you won’t be able to shed all of it in one day. Start with the simple stuff, like changing your diet. Stop eating junk food, this one couldn’t be more obvious. Start moving around, exercising, riding a bike is a great way to burn of extra calories.