Overview of Whyte Bikes

Whyte Bikes offer a broad range of mountain bikes, from trail, cross country and cyclo-cross to race and urban commuters. 2012 is set to be one of the company’s biggest years, with a slew of new releases planned in order to expand upon its existing products. Whyte Bikes has only been around for a little over a decade, but this has not prevented it from winning industry accolades and loyal followers. They are perhaps one of the best kept secrets in the cycling world, but not for much longer.

Whyte R7

At the more affordable end of the Whyte Bikes range is the R7 family designed for urban roads and the average commute. The Portobello is the base model in this category and interestingly it features the same frame geometry that you would expect to find on most basic mountain bikes, but with tyres and gearing which are better suited to tarmac than muddy trails. This may be a cheaper option but you still get hydraulic disc brakes, great lateral stiffness and a degree of stability that you might not otherwise anticipate.

Whyte T-120

For those who want a full suspension setup designed for conquering trails, the Whyte T-120 bike is their best offering aside from the pro-oriented 146. The alloy frame benefits from magnesium enrichment to make sure that it is lighter and stronger than bog standard aluminium equivalents. You can also benefit from carbon elements, a RockShox Reba RL fork and Monarch TL rear shock. Each element pulls in the same direction, delivering stiffness when you need it and shock absorption when the big hits start raining down.

Whyte C7

Whyte Bike’s C7 range combines urban prowess with some all-terrain performance boosts, with models available for both men and women. The Coniston is at the peak of this particular pack, combining expert handling and rider control regardless of the ground beneath you. You get an SR Suntour NRX-S LO Lite front fork with 63mm of travel and a hardtail setup which lets you accelerate smoothly and quickly whether you are pulling away from traffic or heading across the local parkland.

For those who want to get the edge in races as well as having a good cross country bike between their thighs the 20C range is a good place to look. The base 20-C comes with a unidirectional multi monoquote alloy frame and carbon dropouts, a RockShox Reba RL fork with 100mm of travel and an SRAM X Series gearset. Meanwhile at the top end of the range the 20-C Works XX has it all, with a Fox F100 Ti FIT fork customised with unique decals, SRAM XX drivetrain and brakes.

Whyte X8

The X8 range brings Whyte Bikes’ off-road expertise to a more affordable price bracket, with the 801 model giving you plenty of clout cross country while the range-topping 810 is a full 1.2 kilos lighter than its budget-oriented sibling.

There is plenty to like in the many different Whyte Bikes product ranges on offer at the moment and the British connection will make you feel like you are investing your money in a worthwhile firm with grass roots support.