Bianchi Mountain Bikes

Bianchi holds the accolade of being the oldest bike manufacturer to remain in operation to this day. Although it is venerable and well respected it shows no sign of slinking off into historical obscurity because it keeps producing excellent cycles which would make its founder proud of what it has accomplished since 1885.

Bianchi Kuma Mountain Bikes

Bianchi’s mountain bikes are divided into three distinct ranges. The Bianchi Kuma family sits at the more affordable end of its off-road selection, encompassing bikes with Shimano Acera, Alivio and Deore components along with linear pull brakes and even some hydraulic discs on the more capable 5300 iteration.

The Bianchi Kuma models represent good value for money and allow budding riders the chance to experience great build quality and classy branding at an affordable price point.

Bianchi Jab Mountain Bikes

The Bianchi Jab mountain bikes are a little more impressive, integrating Shimano SLX and XT components along with Rock Shox forks and lightweight alloy frames that compliment the rest of the kit. The Jab family is aimed at those who want to get out and about on sessions which last all day, delivering consistent levels of performance over long distances without coming apart at the seams.

Bianchi Methanol Mountain Bikes

The Bianchi Methanol range represents the pinnacle of the company’s mountain bike offerings. You can get smooth rolling, momentum-building 29ers as well as full carbon frames and excellent components from Shimano, Sram and many more manufacturers besides.

The Methanol-brand bikes are ideally suited to people who want to take part in off-road races as they deliver excellent competitive performance and could give you the edge over the competition.

The Bianchi Methanol SX2 9300 is one of the company’s top models in this category. Its TM12 carbon frame and Magura Durin X RCL air spring fork work seamlessly to deliver concise control and effortless lightness. 100mm of fixed travel with the DLO II dynamic lockout system will help you take the big hits and still power onwards. Magura MT2/4 hydraulic brakes at the front and rear continue this precise level of control, while Fulcrum Red Power SL wheels and Hutchinson Cobra AirLight tyres give you durability, grip and low weight.

The Bianchi Jab 7300 is far more affordable than the Methanol equivalent and packs the alloy frame and Rock Shox XC 28 Tk fork you would anticipate as a result of the price drop. Shimano Deore gearing and M445 brakes offer good performance without breaking the bank, while Python Original WB tyres bite deep into dirt, mud and gravel to give you top notch grip whether you are blazing a trail, attempting a climb or darting downhill.

One of the cheapest ways to experience a Bianchi mountain bike is to invest in the Kuma 4600. It has an all new alloy frame with a design that invites comfortable riding and a controlled position. Shimano Acera components, Lee-Chi TX 121 BK brakes and Spectra C1383 tyres wrapped around Mach 1 rims gives you a good base to learn the tricks of the trade off-road without having to dip into your overdraft.