East England is one of the nine regions of England that was created in 1994. It comprises Essex, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, and Suffolk. The wider region would also include East Anglia and East Midlands; Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Huntingdonshire, Rutland, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire.

All of the mountain biking paths in this region are guaranteed to stun you with their variance, fun, and scenic beauty. Let’s take a look at some of the mountain bike trails in East England.

The off road cyclist can find his home in Essex even though it is lacking in mountains and large hills that most mountain bikers crave. It can be construed as a mountain bike paradise if you look at it the right way. The Epping Forest, Hainault Forest, Flitch Way, Thorndon Park, Weald Country Park, Langdon Hills, and Belhus Woods are all ingeniously connected through a series of linked bridleways and byways that connect in a network that make it very appealing to the off road cyclist. The trail length goes from 15 miles to 35 miles, the trail level is designed for all skill levels, it is a singletrack design, and most of the terrain is flat and easy to ride in. See it as a gentle day out with the kids or as a starting trail to get your fitness levels back up after the winter lay-off.

Some other trails in the area include the Abbey Trails, Alderford Trails, Bacton Woods, Braintree BMX Track, Foxhall Stadium Forest Trails, Heathgate Trails, Icepitts Trails, Ipswich BMX Track, Martlesham Dirt Jumps, Merlins Trails, Mousehold Trails, North Walsham Skatepark, Orton BMX Track, Paxton Pits, Rendlesham Forest, Snake Pit – Sudbury, St. Albans Trails, Sudbourne Trails, Thetford Forest – Black Trail, Thetford Forest – Blue Trail, Thetford Forest – Red Trail, Thetford Forest – The Beast, Tunstall Forest, Westley Jumps, Wetheringsett Trails, and Weybourne Trails. While there are relatively few trails in East England compared to other regions of England, there are several bike pits, skateparks, and tracks that appeal to diverse groups of bikers. Additionally, the forests of East England provide plenty of good riding.

Some of the featured trails in East England include Icepitts Trails, Martlesham Dirt Jumps, and Paxton Pits.

The Martlesham Dirt Jumps are some trails that have been well established in visitor’s minds, and they could possibly be turned into an official park with the help of the local council. There are five average jumps and a small group of jumps for beginners. There is a larger set of high step ups and set of hip jumps as well. Moreover, there are several degrees of jumps that make it easy for anyone to go from the lowliest jump to the highest jump quite easily. All people can find repose in taking a quick jump here or there in the woods. There is the possibility that it will be turned into an official park quite soon with the help of the local council. The nearest town is Ipswich / Woodbridge, it has a distance of 200 metres, and the level is difficult. The reviews are positive. It is extremely fun to do these dirt jumps and become accustomed to the great amount of variance there is in their degree of difficulty. There aren’t too many people that can handle all of the dirt jumps.

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