London is mostly urban, but there are some mountain bike trails worth checking out if you happen to be there and want to get in a good ride.

Richmond Park in London is one example of a good place to ride your bike through hills, forests, and woods. You can partake of miles of stretches of clear trails, but you’ll need to watch for vehicles as you’ll have to cross several roads as well – just go earlier in the morning and that way it will be free of traffic, and people walking their dogs too.

There is a 30 mile stretch that goes all the way from London to Camden, and you will be sure to have plenty of scenery to take in along the way. If you decide to side wind through the Regents Canal area, you can get a great view of the barge and all the other boats for a flat ride, but there are hilly, challenging, and scurrilous riding through Hampstead and Finchley if you decide to take the path to Cahlk Farm Road.

London’s Hyde Park is another place you can take your bike for a spin. You can bike right alongside the paths designated for walking because there is so much foliage that you surely don’t want to miss it. There are concerts, special events, and social gatherings throughout the year, and the place has a rich social history that is hard to ignore.

If you want to get really into cycling in London, then take a trip along the Thames along the South Bank. It is an intense two dozen mile stretch all the way to Putney, and you’ll pass through several sights including the Royal Botanical Gardens, Hampton Court, Bushy Park, Greenwich, the Royal Observatory, and Woolwich, depending on whether you decide to go East or West. You can also try the Hertford Union Canal if you have a family, large group of kids, or beginners in your group. This 26-mile stretch houses some of the best sights, but more than that, attractions like a bird reserve, sports center, and ice rink if your groups wants to get off their bikes and enjoy something else along the way. There are tons of bed and breakfasts along the way so you can spend weeks or months going up and down the bike route and staying in bed and breakfasts along the way. There are dozens of spots to stop and enjoy a classic picnic.

Taking mountain bike trails throughout London is a great way to enjoy the sights of the city in a way that compresses your travel time into seeing a lot at once and also gives you a much-needed and desired workout along the way. This kind of maximum input into your vacation can really pay off as you leave the city refreshed, healthy, and informed by all the city’s treasures, sights, and sounds.

There is a rich history of biking in London so you will have no problem renting a bike in the city for your travels. If you find yourself out of a bike, just rent it at a local shop along the bike route.