Specialized Ruby Road Bike Review

The trio of Specialized Ruby road bikes designed for women are carbon-framed racers with plenty of charisma and the ability to keep you comfortable over long distance, unlike many other speedy cycles of equivalent price.

Prices range from £1,600 to £2,500 and weights from 8.84kg to just 8.14kg, which means there is very little between each model, but enough for us to recommend the Ruby Comp over the others.

The standard Specialized Ruby is great value for money thanks to the FACT 8r carbon frame with female-specific geometry and tubesets. There is no half-baked modification of a male model here, but instead a ground-up design which is intended to be harnessed by women riders. The video later alludes to this and shows that Specialized start with Women in mind for their female customers rather than adapting a Male version.

The FACT carbon fork delivers an excellent level of stiffness which is echoed by the frame, so although this is an endurance bike it is still quick to accelerate and easy to keep turning over at speed. Zerts inserts in the frame and fork help to reduce the impact of road rumble and persistent vibrations which might otherwise leave you fatigued ahead of schedule.

SRAM Apex components for the gears and brakes combine with light DT Axis 2.0 wheels and Specialized Espoir Sport tyres. It’s the choice of components that reduce our score to just 4 stars. Why SRAM Apex instead of the SRAM Rival or Shimano Tiagra? We feel this is slightly off-form and thus have reduced our scoring as a consequence.

Specialized Ruby Elite

Stepping up the range you will encounter the Specialized Ruby Elite which has the same carbon frame and fork combo, complete with Zerts inserts and the comfort and control afforded to its cheaper sibling. The Shimano 105 drivetrain components are light and compact, which suits the bike well. Meanwhile the grips are pulled straight from the Specialized Roubaix range, so you can see where the inspiration for this model is drawn. Fulcrum Racing wheels and Espoir Elite tyres are a good fit, letting you maximise your ability to perform thanks to their light weights.

Specialized Ruby Comp

The Specialized Ruby Comp is the leading bike in this range and does a good job of building on the foundations laid by its stable mates. The FACT 8r carbon frame benefits from the women’s endurance geometry which puts you in a seating position that ensures you are never unnecessarily overworked. The Women’s Comp alloy handlebars feature a shallow drop design to let you get easier access to the levers regardless of your hand position, which adds to the comfort levels throughout. Meanwhile DT Axis 3.0 rims, hubs and spokes line up to knock a few numbers off the total weight while still allowing the bike to feel composed and strong when it comes to handling and acceleration. The hard-wearing Specialized Espoir Elite tyres work to prevent punctures, while the Comp carbon seatpost, also found on the Elite model, is adjustable and light as a feather. This goes hand in hand with the Lithia Comp Gel saddle that sits on Cr-Mo rails which are hollow for further weight saving.

If you are a female rider who wants to experience the thrill of cycling on a bike which has been completely created to suit your body type then one of the Specialized Ruby models will probably be a good companion. Unfussy designs, excellent endurance geometry and a blend of comfort and speed all help to make these bikes easy to recommend, whether you are an experienced rider or someone who is looking to develop.