Coming from Italy Basso road bikes are among the best in the world. Their range of road bikes is extensive and features stunning names that match the quality of the bikes. They use carbon frame construction and a carbon fork integrated with an all-carbon cast of parts of legs, crown, and steerers.

They even go a step futher and use Microtech Quantum Integrated carbon which is a step above the rest. The head-set is threadless, and there are sealed bearings. Even though these are road bikes, they look as good as racing bikes. In beautiful colours like black, white, and red, these bikes stand out as the pinnacle of road bike style.

Basso specifications are listed on their website in a beautiful grey and white grid with information on all the factors like inseam size, size, seat tube, top tube, seat tube angle, steering tube angle, chain-stays length, bb/front fork distance, slope, head tube, handle-bar width, stern length, crank length, bb integrated, elongation, stiffness, weight of frame, weight of fork, wall thickness, section tube, head set, seat post, handle bar, stem, saddle, and tires. The technical specifications and components are listed easily. The range of road bikes includes diamond, astra, lagoon, titanium, reef, devil, devil woman, and viper vintage. There are so many good road bikes to choose from that it can be hard to make up your mind.

Some bikes come in strange combinations of colours that aren’t usual for modern-day road bikes. But these are often very interesting non the less. These include yellow, red, and white combination, yellow, black, and white combination, red, black, and white combination, black and white combination, red and white combination, and blue, black, and white combination.

The Basso company was started in 1977 by three brothers, and they were the top bike manufacturers in the country for awhile. One of the brothers, Marino Basso, was the top professional road-racing champion in 1972. Basso bikes are built in two main materials, carbon and aluminium. They also make traditional steel frames.

As Basso don’t sponsor too many professional bike sports teams which means they are not as widely known as other bike manufacturers, which is unfortunate because their bikes are so good. The vintage Basso bikes from the late 1970s and 1980s are made of lugged construction that utilize Columbus steel tubing. Their corporate website features an index of all their bikes, and it can be translated into English.