Scott Speedster S20 Triple Road Bike

Scott Speedster S20 Triple Road Bike Review

The Scott Speedster S20 Triple features an all-new Shimano chainset which is fresh for 2011 and a number of components which have been the meat and veg of this range for the last few years. If you have already bought a previous version, then the changes made for this contemporary editions may not be enough to commit you to swapping your old bike, but newcomers will be impressed by the wealth of features and the impressive performance you are getting for your money.

The alloy frame is double butted and it is equipped with a Speedster range fork which is a mix of carbon and alloy. Obviously there are more expensive all-carbon bikes which are lighter than this, but the Scott Speedster S20 Triple is actually nimbler and less weighty in real life than it looks on paper. This is where road testing really pays off, because you might otherwise have misconceptions about the bike before it has even been given a chance to show what it can do.

One advantage of sticking to an aluminium frame bike is that the material provides a greater degree of stiffness than the carbon bikes which are available for below the £2000 mark. Sometimes these alternatives, even the ones with Scott branding, are a little bit too flexible and the measures which have been implemented can actually hamper the riders who like to really put their foot down. Powerful riders will be better equipped with the Scott Speedster S20 Triple because the aluminium frame, though not considered to be the bleeding edge of cycling technology, is nonetheless reliable, sturdy and rigid enough to let you put as much forward force as possible into reaching your goals.

The Speedster S20 Triple features Shimano 105 components, most of which have been taken back to the workshop and retooled for the new year. Shimano is a name which virtually guarantees that gear changes will be smooth, ratios race-friendly and durability at the top of the list of priorities. Triple chainset bikes are not going to be for every single cyclist but in this case it is an ideal compromise, allowing you take advantage of an enhanced gear range.

Unlike the slightly cheaper bikes in this range, you can see that Scott has opted for lighter components elsewhere on the Speedster S20 Triple. The Continental Ultra Sport tyres are not only conducive to speedy getaways, but they are also grippy and lighter than the generic alternatives which can sometimes be found on bikes of this price bracket. The Alexa rims are chosen for their longevity and toughness rather than their light weight, but in the context of this model they make sense.

The Scott Speedster S20 Triple is kitted out to please serious cyclists and while it may not be the competitive racing bike which some might prefer it is definitely a worthy contender which can see off many of its peers thanks to its quality components, comfortable ride and deceptively light weight.

Model: Scott Speedster S20 Triple
4 / 5 stars