There are a lot of different BMX bike parts out there all for different uses, different bikes and made by different companies. It’s well worth taking some time to look over the range of different BMX bike parts that are available to try and find parts that are right for your bike.

BMX bike parts are sold separately from the bike itself because you are often having to replace them and exchange them with new parts whether because the old parts break, the new parts are better suited to your bike than what arrives it with default and stock, or because you just want to custom tailor the look of your bike to make it more appealing to the eyes and have an overall better profile for when you stow it away in the garage and take it out again for a spin.

BMX bike parts like seats, handlebars, and chains are just the beginning. Even such a mundane object as a seat cushion can be customized, personalized, and endowed with all the functionality of a butt-serving tool for your BMX betterment. The extent of bike parts carries over in direct personal correlation and correspondence with the price of the bike you have because more expensive bikes will have more expensive parts, oftentimes parts that lesser-priced bikes won’t have. If you can’t handle the big selection of BMX bike parts, then start with a different extreme sport like rollerblading wherein there are only a few parts to keep up with. However, if you can stay with BMX bike riding, the results will be more rewarding for sure because of all the advanced tricks you can do that you can only do on a bike.

There are over 1,400 typical parts that go into a BMX bike, and it is the lack of knowledge on this subject that causes many people’s bikes to break down years ahead of their time or perform worse than competitive bikes in the arena.

Some example parts include axles, hub parts, barends, bottom brackets, brake levers, cables, brake pads, brakes, chain tensioners, chains, cranks, forks, cogs and freewheels, grips, handlebars, headsets, hubs, number plates, padsets, clipless pedals, flat pedals, pegs, rims, seat clamps, seat posts, seats, spokes, nipples, sprockets, stems, tires, tubes, and wheelsets. Each category has several different products that are part of it. For example, in one popular bike parts store, the most popular featured products are Shimano DXR, Shimano DX Clipless Shoe, Crupi Aluminum Race Frame, and ITS Micro Knobby – Wire. BMX bikes have distinctly different parts profiles than motorbikes or road bikes because they are built for racing, jumping, and stunting, and motorbikes are built for driving really fast and road bikes are built for leisurely strolls. BMX parts, thus, have the most categories and designations of parts because they are the most complicated bikes that perform a variety of things that road bikes and motorbikes just cannot stand up against.

Moreover, most of these items can be purchased in bulk from online bike parts stores so that their prices go down each time. There is nothing wrong with buying all your bike parts at once if you know exactly what your doing and have the money to spend.