By the North West of England we mean Cumbria, Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Merseysde, and Cheshire. It has a population of around 7 million and one or two of them have BMX Bikes.

In fact, its more like thousands as they love the BMX parks in the North West of England. There is a great new Manchester BMX track at Platt Fields that was constructed by the Manchester City Council in response to complaints from locals that BMX riders were interfering with the public safety by riding their bikes in public rather than in the safe enclosure of a park. So there you have it guys, just complain to the council and you’ll get yourself a brand new BMX Park.

It was created in conjunction with British Cycling and Sport England, and it was funded in conjunction with the Community Club Development Programme. The Manchester BMX Club delivers coaching, racing, and practice sessions for all the local residents that want to come and get a handle on BMX riding, pun intended. The proponents of the new BMX club include several local residents that are stymied by the lack of a good place to ride their BMX bike. They have fallen short on ideas for the park, and are, thus, handing it over to the city council. The city council promptly drew up the plans and had the whole thing going in less than a year. This park is continually surprising residents by the amount of community cohesion it brings.

A BMX track in Lancashire called Preston BMX Track is a good BMX track to get started on. The Preston Pirates BMX Club was set up in 2008 and is situated just off London Road in Preston. There were several years of hard handwringing with the Preston City Council trying to find a suitable place to set up the track. There were over 100 members in the club, and they all had to be accommodated. This club was affiliated with the British Cycling Federation. They allowed them to develop the track and the facilities that would be used by the BMX club. Grass roots riding has now proliferated under the new BMX Track. There are even training instructors that have regular coaching sessions for schools, beginners, and young people too.

The World Famous Central Skatepark is another BMX park in Greater Manchester. It is the only indoor skatepark that is over 10,000 square feet. It is also called the Plywood Paradise. The membership is very cheap at only £5 per year. If you’re under 18, you’ll need to get a parent or guardian sign your permission form. There is a very laissez-faire atmosphere at the central skatepark that welcomes all kinds of people, and it is very good place to grow socially as well as grow in BMX skills because of all the diverse types of people there that can teach you about all the various types of ramps, rails, and things to skate there. This club will test your mettle as a BMX rider because there is just so much to ride there.

If you know of any other BMX Parks in the North West, leave a comment below or contact us using the online form.