The South East of England includes Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, East Sussex, Hampshire, Kent, Oxfordshire, Surrey, and West Sussex, and all of those separate areas have beautiful BMX parks.

One such place is Twenty Bikes Co which sells all the gear needed for serious BMX racing. There are numerous BMX trails, tracks, and street spots, and this store is a good starting place to network with other riders and find out where they are. There is Etnies Backyard Jam organized by Brighton International Centre Pro.

Another place in Surrey are the high cross church stairs, the ranges, and Farnborough skatepark. Farnborough skatepark is located in Westmead, Farnborough near the Farnborough Leisure Centre. It’s free to use, and is open 24/7 with floodlighting until 10pm. It’s organized, provided, maintained, and paid for by the Rushmoor Borough Council. Built in 2002, it has a wonderful Concrete Power Floated Surface, 24 hours a day CCTV, a graffiti wall, and dual youth shelters. There are BMX riders, skateboarders, and rollerbladers allowed in. It has such diverse equipment that BMX riders can ride a half pipe, ramps, volcano spine, pyramid with grind box, pyramid, flat banks, and a pad grind rail.

There are many BMX parks in Fareham too like Blackbrook Park Mini Ramp, Park Lane Skate Park, Abshot Road BMX Park, Locks Heath Park Mini Ramp, Locks Heath Centre Skate Park, Wicor Recreation Ground Skate Park, Portchester, Stubbington and Recreation Ground Skate Park. So it looks like Fareham is the place to be folks.

The Isle of Wight has some fairly decent BMX parks too like the flatbanks in sandown, the beach, the zoo, and a host of ledges around the place that are very good for grinding. Some people, however, say the local skatepark is too crowded, and it’s better to street skate there. But what do we know, what do you think?